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Can anyone answer why the Catholic church allows Paedophiles ,to preach in their churches .?

Whilst living in France i attended a church run by a Church of Scotland priest ,who turned out to be 1 of 20 priests who were defrocked and ejected from the church of scotland for Homosexual practises.

This priest then was taken into the RC church in France and i later saw him preaching in the Cathedral in Pontivy .

This ties up with the present attitude of the church to paedophiles . They don't just ignore their presence they seem to actively welcome them .

Also have just found out that the Catholic church actively took part in the trade in slaves from the 6th cent on and though not officially recognised as such ,had women and children kept in slavery conditions as recent as 1960 in Ireland .

any who don't believe this just look up slavery and the RC church in QA or in Wikapedia.


Hi Neutron No the paeds try to stay hidden but when they are caught the church then hides them for a while and eventually slides them back in again , mumbling sad apologies to the victims.

Update 2:

hi handyman , thank you,yes you are correct paedophiles are not neccesarily gays , and in fact women can be paedophiles too .

Update 3:

also though any who molest children gay hertero or bi sexual can be paedos

Update 4:

hi spanish , ime fairly sure it was Church of scotland but it could have been the free church there.

Its nealy 20 yrs ago now though and he certainly wasnt of The RC faith when i knew him , Wouldnt be suprised if any church now allowed gays to be vicars priests or whatever,

i only used the term priest as a general term for a religious official

Update 5:

i think i can just remember some title like minister for the person i wrote of as a gay defrocked.

Update 6:

have now looked up the Kirk introducing a n openly gay priest ,and its correct but he is the first ,and there is a massive protest going on 12000 signatures against ,

Doesnt suprise me in the least nowadays ,

Update 7:

hi halibut , your point is a good one ,Hating the sin but not the sinner describes exactly what is happening when they feed them back to offend again elswhere.

with gays its only offense to the members of the congregation but paeds cause irrepairable harm to vulnerable young and ive never met 1 yet who even repented truly in the first place.

& i have met £ over the years ( navy & scout leader Myself ,1 tried to have a go at me as an 11 yr old scout, but i kicked him where it hurt) the scouts do take them too the police if they find them .

Update 8:

hi Patti , liked your answer cos it points out the relavance of homosexuality, and paedophilia in the RC church .the position of power that these disturbed young men are put into while thier hormones are pushing them to sexual experimentation that would in normaly be dealt with by associating with women from the local area they grew up in (even though some would end up with pregnancies)but at least they would learn the normal pattern of life.

Update 9:

hi Micol ,My issue as you call it is the organisations that create situations that make this abomination possible then try to cover it up .

Of course there has always been a small area of life that uses deviant sexual practises , but if caught in these practises then normal society punishes them and does not try to cover uo what has happened and put the abuser back in the same position of denial of his or her basic sexuality then give them further positions of power to abuse again.

Update 10:

kenneth, its no confusion the man had been an officer in a scots rifle regiment and was living with his boy friend in the house he was using as his kirk.. Homosexual practises in a house of god, no thanks i left his congregation about 2 months before the event as i had my doughts about him for a long time ,then it was announced on radio 4 lw only to be confirmed when he no longer claimed his title as minister of the kirk and closed down his house as a place of worship.

then he was granted the use of a RC chapel when he had his C of scot licence removed.

it was a long time ago 97/8 but didnt see him in pontivy cathedral until about 99 and my female companion also recognised him .

draw whatever conclusions you like but i know what happened .

do some research if you dont believe me.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Two reasons, I think.

    First, it's all to do with the principle of hating the sin but not the sinner.

    And second, it's got something to do with due repentance.

    So, if you swear blind that you couldn't help what you did in the first place, then bang on about how sorry you are for doing it in the second, the chances are you'll be forgiven and let back in so you can do it all over again.

    I think the Churches live in hope of converting the sinners in to saints, and that the prestige of performing such a miracle makes the sacrifice of a few kids along the way worthwhile.

    Funny ol' thing, religion, innit?

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  • -
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    It is the system of not allowing priests to marry, which is not natural. How many men in reality are going to give up sex for their entire life and make that commitment? They have the hormones and sex drive of a man, unless they have a medical problem, and it is constant. Those that are too weak to keep struggling with their urges will find a way to relieve themselves and do it in secret, which may involve children who won't get pregnant like a woman would. There was an excellent series done by the Kansas City Star newspaper several years ago with stories of the priests who became homosexuals while in training, and the number of priests who secretly had AIDS as a result. Pedophiles have a power issue in addition to relieving their sexual urges.

    Part of the reason the church kept covering up for the child-abusing priests and moving them around is that it is not all that easy to find a man who is willing to give up having a marriage and family to commit themselves for life in the church. So they take the offenders and move them to give them a "fresh" start.

    And why shouldn't people keep talking about this? This type of horrific abuse trickles down for generations after the victims have become adults and have families of their own. The Native-American boarding school homes were run by Catholic priests and even today their is alcoholism because of the abuse that was inflicted on those children that lived there. I've known several here in Oklahoma, and one died of liver failure 30 years after she left the home. That was only 2 years ago.

    Child sexual abuse has become institutionalized when such a large organization protects the perpetrators and moves them to another area so they can keep their "job".

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  • 1 decade ago

    First of all the Church of Scotland does not have priests, in fact it recently appointed a homosexual minister to a charge in Scotland. Presumably it was a Catholic priest from a Scottish parish. But irrespective of where the priest was from, people should be made aware when there is a paedophile in their area.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You make some good points, but I would like to add that pedophilia does NOT equal homosexuality. There are heterosexual priests who molest young girls and women, too. I think it is high time that US Catholics take a stand on this issue and demand explanations. It has been whitewashed too long. If the Pope condoned this practice in any way at all, including allowing known pedophiles to return to other parishes, he should at least admit it, beg forgiveness and demand reform. That's when he'll truly become the Holy Father.

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  • kate
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Maybe I misunderstood your first statement, but homosexual activity and pedophilia are NOT the same thing. You have brought up some points, that I think, many people are concerned about. We think we should be able to hold religious leaders to a higher standard, but it has become increasingly clear, that is not the case. Face it, the people who lead any religion are no different than anyone else. They are imperfect and plagued by the same weaknesses and sins as the rest of the world. It's the hypocrisy, sneakiness, and the holier than thou attitudes by some religious leaders that makes me ill.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Lawsuits are a big part of modern life. I'm not standing up for the Catholic Church here and, in fact, I disapprove of many of its official positions (including the doctrine of celibacy of priests, which, in my opinion, has a lot to do with this situation), but I suppose the Church is just as worried about lawsuits as any other organization is. Fortunately, I'm not Catholic myself, so none of this concerns me much, except in a theoretical way. (My father was Catholic, but was about as lapsed as it's possible to be, precisely because he distrusted the clergy. He wouldn't have been surprised by this scandal at all.)

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  • 4 years ago

    The gays go with to alter the Catholic church for the comparable reason the church desires to alter the gays. They disagree with one yet another. Get. Over. It. This section is formally the main non-purpose section on Y!A, yet i'm hooked on conflict....

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  • 1 decade ago

    You sound confused. Are you sure it was the same priest? I am sure the Catholic Church does not condone any sort of abuse of civil liberties. Paedophiles are removed from office.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Think of religion as just another business and the issue becomes more clear. It is just another questionable practice by an organization which exists solely to make money.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's not like there advertising "hey by the way I'm a pedophile"

    It's like when the finally capture a serial killer and all the neighbors were shocked saying "well gee he was such a nice guy"

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