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How far back should I go when informing about HPV?

I just got a letter today from my doctor saying that I have HPV present and an "absence of endocervical cell/transformation zone component", but with a normal Pap. My last Pap (June/July 2008) was totally normal when I went to get my Mirena IUD and was told I didn't need another Pap for a few years but my insurance changed over in Oct 2009 and the new docs wanted to do a screening anyway and it was free so I didn't care. I'm going for another test in 6 months to see if the virus is gone. I don't have any symptoms, no warts or anything. It's very likely my current boyfriend (since March 2009) already has it, he may have in fact given it to me. I know before me he hadn't been with another girl in a few years, however, I had another relationship that ended about a month before I got together with my current boyfriend. Those are the only two I've been with since my last negative test.

I've also heard it can lay dormant for weeks, months, or even years so I may have had this for quite some time and not known, due to lack of symptoms and negative test results.

I know there are no tests for men with no symptoms and I don't want to cause a stir since we haven't really talked at all since the break up. Should I still inform my ex-boyfriend even though there's really nothing he can do about it if he has it?

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    You don't have to tell anyone. All you will do is cause them the freak out for no reason. Practically everyone who's had sex has had HPV at some point. If they are having sex at all, they should know there is some chance they might have HPV.

    If you want to tell them, go ahead and do so. But there's not a lot either can do about it. I would tell your current boyfriend. Not for any medical reason, but because if you are looking for this relationship to go long term, it would be weird to have this secret in between you. If your aren't so sure where it's going, then maybe keep it to yourself if you want.

    Also, "absence of endocervical cell/transformation zone component" means they didn't get a good sample of cells to look at. Your pap was normal from what they saw, but since you are HPV positive, I'd definitely tell your doctor that you want another pap and not to wait 6 months.

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    Is this your boyfriend. (Strikingly similar situation);_ylt=Alou4...

    Pap smear is not designed to detect HPV. It detects only abnormal cervical changes. Abnormal changes may indicate HPV infection or another vaginal infection.

    It will typically show up in a few months, but there are cases where its been a few years.

    It is tricky. In many cases, people are never able to figure out who gave this to whom, or where they got it. So, you can never be absolutely sure.

    HPV hardly affects men health wise.

    Looking at statistics

    Lets say a man has sex with 10 women. 3 of the women will have HPV during the time of intercourse. The rest will have had it at some point in the past or will have it in the future.

    HPV is inevitable if you will have more than 3 partners in a life time.. So, you do no have to disclose this.

    I wish you the best of luck! .

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    I have had one abnormal, with warts. It's cleared now and my last pap was normal. I had to tell my boyfriend about it, so that we would be aware about his safety too, but I decided against telling my ex. In the end I realized that since there's nothing he could do about it, there was no reason to worry him. Also, he would probably have used the information to be vindictive. Since we weren't in a relationship any longer, its not like he's obliged to withhold that type of information from others.

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    Hi well I wouldn't be too quick to inform past ex's at all, let sleeping dogs lie as he will have moved on and probably slept with others since.This std can be around for months ,years before so I would just concentrate on ur current situation and further relationships Cheers ♥

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