should i join the navy? (longg)?

okay let me give you a background on who i am.

im 17, my family just retired from the military. my dad has been to iraq twice. he was in the navy for about 20 years or more i think. my mom was a marine. ive lived in nine states. and i hated leaving all my friends. and moving around all the time. i always told myself when i get older. i would never be in the military or marry anyone in the military. that way i dont have to deal with it. i mean the military has given my family so much but taken away so many oportunites from me as well. lately my boyfriends been thinking about joining. because he has a poor background. we got into a fight about. because i dont want to be with anyone in the military. my parents are for him doing it. they encourage him. and keep encouraging me. and i keep getting mad. but they keep talking to me about it. and they've kinda got into my head. and i dont know how i feel about it anymore. i mean im planning to go to community college soon. and i have no way to pay for it. accept for my small mesley job i have now. and well i dont know how thats gonna cut it. i mean even if i work long hours. and then im gonna be so worn out i might not be able to study as well. i mean i dont want to be paying for something for nothing. and i DONT want to do student loans. cause you dont pay those off till your like 30. and my dad was telling me about some of the young girls at his work that juggle college. working. and sometimes raising a family. he says they look like hell.

i dont want to be one of those girls. so i mean they were telling me that the navy will:

provide free college, a free place to stay, cheap health and dental insurance, and pay for me to go to bootcamp. and i wantt to soo badly get into shape. no matter what it takes. so i mean those all sound good. and the job im looking into studying is radiology, or dentist asistant. and you have to train for one of those in sandiego CA, which is where me and my bf want to eventually live. since we love it there. so thats another pro. the only thing i hate about it. is that im gonna be controlled.

and thats what i hated always about the military. its like they have a contract on your life.

idk. im pretty confused. i need advice, experience, pros & cons please


intill i find a better option for me right now. im afraid navy's the only thing on my mind.

Update 2:

my dad was a senior chief corpman. by the way. if that makes a difference. he wasnt a sailor. lol.

and im not gonna be.

Update 3:

well im not saying women in the navy look like hell. i said the women in college struggling with work. im just considering it for the money. i mean navy is not what i want for the rest of my life. just to help me pay for college. i mean its not gonna be fun. neither would college. so who cares if im not doing it for a passion. its only plan to do one term. 4yrs, i mean who knows i may come out liking it. its just an option right now.

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    Corpsman are Sailors.

    Your best bet is to go talk to a Navy recruiter. At the very least, you will be able to take the ASVAB and see what ratings (jobs) you actually qualify for. I'd also suggest trying to get into shape now if you're really serious about joining. It'll make boot camp much more enjoyable.

    And, while it is not difficult for females to go Corpsman (HM), the rating is currently manned (CREO 2), which means it could be months before you ship off to boot camp if you do get HM. So its best not to delay getting to a recruiter and MEPS if its something you actually want to do. And, due to the rating being manned advancement is a bit difficult at the moment.

    After boot camp, you'd go to Corpsman "A" school which is in Great Lakes, IL as well. Once you've graduated "A" school you'd either go on to Field Medical Service School (FMSS) or your first command (which could be anywhere). Normally, though, your first command would be a medical facility stateside, but it is possible you could end up on a ship.

    If you graduate top of your class in "A" school they may allow you to choose a "C" school (such as radiology) but getting a "C" school straight out of "A" school is rare. So unless it is in your enlistment contract, no guarantees there. If you don't get a "C" school, you can request one later down the road.

    Anyway, don't join because someone is pressuring you into it; otherwise, you're going to be miserable. Only do it if it's something you actually want to do.

    Source(s): In the Navy as a Corpsman HM2(AW/NAC/FMF) USN
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    Females getting into the Corpsman Rating is very difficult, they are either closed to that or limited numbers each year allowed in. The reason is that is the way the many women want to go into. You do have to go and test on the ASVAB and see if you even qualify for that Rating if it is open. If it isn't then others might be offered to you depending on what you qualify for. There is no guarantees that you will leave right away, Navy is reaching its goals on recruits and you can be waiting up to 1 year before you go. Plus if you need to get into shape you might not pass MEPS. So you do have to take that into consideration. You can guarantee that you will get assigned to a command in San Diego either, it will depend on what is open at the time, which could be Japan, Spain or anywhere in between. Radiology is difficult Rating area and limited by the way. A friend is in that and she has served 19 years before she made Chief because there is so little for advancement.

    And not all the women look like hell in that Rating or any other Rating out there with females. Yes some do, but some males look like hell too because that is what they choose to do with their lives. Several of my friends are AD military in the Navy and the Air Force and they don't look like hell at all. You can look into doing dental assistant training and while you hate student loans that is one that is an option that might work out for you in the end. It means no commitment to the military at all but instead working hard for a few years and it is all done. Don't join and hate it because you will, you have already made that decision.

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    It sounds like you really really do not want to make the military a career. So, you need to get your life together and come up with some long term goals. Where do you want to be in 15 yrs? 10 yrs? 5yrs? So lets say military for the first 4. Then college. Which degree? What are you interested in? What is your passion in life if you could do anything you want? Where do you want to be after college?

    You need a plan, otherwise you will be stuck in the military. It looks like your parents loved it, but it sounds like you don't. The military is set up, so that once you are in, it is scary to leave. This is especially true for married members or members with kids. The military is a steady source of income. If you join, you better save a bunch of money so this won't be a concern for you. You might be saying what about the GI bill? Well what happens if it turns out you hate college and want to do something else? Save your money!!

    Also for the Navy, it is likely your first 4 years you will be attached to a ship, at the end of your stressful sealife they may offer shore duty and say you are a fool not to take it. It's easy and you'll love it, which may in fact be the case. But this is why you need a plan. If you don't have a plan, and you're unsure what to do at the end of your 4 years, you will be like, well shore duty is going to be cake so I might as well do it. Dude that's another 3-4years! You may be able to attend college part time during this, but dude, you're still in the military. Remember, I am going on the assumption you do not want to stay in the military longer than you want. Of course I know some people truly love the military life, stressful as it may be.

    But you need a plan and you need to stick with it. What are your life goals? I mean if you have a passion to do something or to change something, it's not going to get done while you're in the military. It's just not possible. You cant just have an epiphany and quit your job the next day, you might realize this a year after your first re-enlistment and still have 3 more to go.

    What i'm saying is, don't be one of those people who join the military and keep reenlisting because you're afraid of civilian life. Don't settle for the military if it isn't your passion. I think it's great that you're thinking about serving your country. But at the same time you should have your own goals in life, outside the military (if the military isn't what you want to do until you retire).

    I just seriously hate it when they advertise the Navy as, this is a stable secure job. You should re-enlist because civilian life is unstable, look at the recession. I hate them scaring people to staying in. Because I had to work for these people who hated their jobs, but stayed because they were too afraid to do anything else. I did not enjoy working for these people who were scared into staying in. And I hate the Navy's practice for doing this. The number of people who actually loved their jobs and enjoyed serving were super slim, but they did brighten my day when I talked to them. Sorry for the rant, but you just sound like someone unsure what to do in life, and I'd hate for you to "settle" for the military because you have nothing else to do. If you do enlist, please make the most out of it, do your best, advance, and don't let all the negative people get to you. Then at the end of your 4 years stick with your plan, whether it is to stay in because you love it, or pursue another goal.

    Best of luck!

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    As lengthy as you don't emerge as a nuke, I believe it s nice. I served 6 years as a nuke and the first-class factor I did for myself used to be get out. I am now fortunately making use of the GI invoice to pay for my education. Although I won't trouble you with all of the terrible and inhumane matters nukes ought to pass by way of, I will inform you this. The Navy advertises itself as launching jets, capturing huge weapons, and making use of all this cool gear. It s customarily janitor paintings they usually use the ones ads to goal punk *** children to signal away their freedom. Once you're within the army they deal with you favor **** and you'll be able to t go away in view that you don't desire to get a dishonorable discharge to be able to be for your list for existence. Again, I dont believe all of the army is dangerous, simply nuke existence.

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    If you do decide to goes to navy, hospital corpsman is very good job to go, medical field is such high demand in civilian sector.

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    semen overboard

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