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army reserve how is it?

How is it in the army reserve

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    I'm not in the Reserve but my brother is.

    The reserve is great for you if you want to go officer in the future! You work on Saturday's and Sunday's on one weekend a month. It also gives you the opportunity to get really good job training in something in the civilian world that you can do at the same time as serving! On the weekends my brother goes to drill he usually PT's, and does training in the MOS he's in, and also does some Details around his unit (work, cleaning etc).

    You can also be a full time college student while you are in the Reserves. And probably get it fully covered. You only get paid "full pay" or Active pay when your deployed or training (AIT, OSUT, Basic, etc) You are also only covered by insurance when your in training I believe. But if you want to serve your country/state while your have a big life outside of the military and still work in the civilian world the reserves are great.

    If you ever want to be Active Duty, and be full time 9-5 in the Army it's kind of complicated to switch over. It's a 1 year wait right now to even beable to switch over to Active from Reserve, following your AIT. The other complication is they have to either have a slot, or opening in the job your trained in, or they have to see you as a candidate trainable in another MOS with an open slot, and you'll probably have to go to AIT all over again for that job. That's even if you can switch, I've heard it's nearly impossible and or very hard. It helps if you are of a lower rank my brother was told by his 1st sgt.

    But then again, he's a Petroleum Specialist, and the training he'll get, he'll beable to get a job in the Civi world and make around $70,000 a year to start with the training he'll receive from the Army. You just need to weigh which is for you. Active or Reserve. For me, Active is way better as I'm starting a family, but if your young, want a degree and to be an officer, ROTC/Reserves may be the way for you!

    Best of luck.

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