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what Mitsubishi car has a 2.2 liter engine in it?

i need a newer 2.2 liter Mitsubishi(FWD) motor to replace one in a older car

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    None of them that I know of. The 2.2 engines in Chrysler vehicles were designed, built, and sold by Chrysler Corporation in Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth vehicles. Mitsubishi did have a 2.0 turbo engine, is that what you're wanting?

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    No Mitsubishi vehicle utilized a 2.2 liter engine. The closest engines to that size are the 4G63 and 4G64 which came in numerous vehicles spanning as far back as 1983 for the 4G63 and 1987 for the 4G64.

    Source(s): Own a 1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD, same as a Mitsubishi Eclipse
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