Scripture reference to "when I think about His goodness and all He's done for me, my soul cries out "halleluja?

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Update : not enough space to spell out not it's not a typo.
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While there may be scriptures somewhere in the bible that express that general sentiment, there are none to my knowledge with that exact wording. For scriptures with that general sentiment, the Psalms are probably your best bet.
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  • awaken.dawn answered 4 years ago
    Psalm 145
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  • William answered 4 years ago
    It's a praise, and therefore does not need a scriptural reference. Same goes for the lyrics to "Amazing Grace". All that's important is that such a praise is in line with the writings of the bible as a whole, not that the praise be an exact utterance of a particular chapter:verse.
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  • Rolling Stone answered 4 years ago
    What's the question?
    About all I can offer as an answer is to say that the person rejoices, is glad, thankful, and feels like singing out a "THANK YOU" to God.
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  • HAYAH answered 4 years ago
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  • feed your head answered 4 years ago
    Malachi 2:3
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