Does anyone in Cumberland or Dauphin County, PA, know of a restaurant that sings a cheesy happy birthday?

For my birthday, I'm trying to find a restaurant (preferably one with good ribs, steak, barbecue, wings...) in Cumberland or Dauphin county, PA, that will sing a really loud, annoying "Happy Birthday" song. I want it to be loud and annoying because, one, it's my first birthday party in two years and I want it to be funny, and two, I think it'll be mildly funny to see everyone else at the restaurant looking around going "what the heck?" because the waiters are being obnoxious for my birthday. I realize this is mean of me, and that it means I'm, in a nutshell, inflicting annoyance and torture to the ears on random dinner-goers because it's my birthday.

So.. In Cumberland or Dauphin county PA

A restaurant who'll sing happy birthday

Their happy birthday song is annoying

(Very appreciated) They serve good ribs, barbecue, or steak.


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    For a chain I would go with Damon's as I do enjoy their ribs.

    Hooters would have the most obnoxious birthday song, even if you are a lady, but their menu is bar food, and while it is OK, it is average, and does not meet your criteria of very good ribs, barbecue or steak.

    Chili's has a good food reputation, but I don't know what they do for birthdays.

    I am looking at the Cumberland County Visitor's Bureau food section, though I would e-mail or call them and ask your identical question

    Gullifty's Restaurant and Underground might be an option.

    Theo's Bar and Grill would definitely have the good food, don't know about the song.

    Market Cross Pub and Brewery would definitely meet your criteria for food. You would have to contact them for the singing though

    Coakley's Restaurant and Pub should have the good food options. Again you would have to ask about the singing.

    I really like Dockside Willies in Wormleysburg. I don't know their repertoire of obnoxious birthday songs.

    For Dauphin County, I don't have a guide. I would suggest going to the Patriot News (Harrisburg) website, and contact their food editor and ask the identical question you asked us.

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    usually if you ask them to sing for a birthday they do. as long as you tell them most restaurants sing

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    Im not sure if you have them but Montana's will give you a big hat then sing to you(sometimes other diners join in) and then take your picture and give you ice cream. :D

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