Whats does Davey Richards do best?

Many say Davey Richards is the greatest wrestler on the independent circuit since Danielson is now in the WWE. If you think that, what do you think he does the best in the ring? Whats your favorite thing about Davey?

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Samoa Joe or Nigel McGuiness

Jeff Hardy or Rob Van Dam

Jack Evans or Teddy Hart

BxB Hulk or Naruki Doi

Jay or Mark Briscoe?

Nick or Matt Jackson?

AW or The Briscoes?

Christopher Daniels or Davey Richards

Tyler Black or Austin Aries

Kenny Omega or Chris Hero

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Davey Richards is INTENSE, has charisma, and the reactions that he has after the 2 count pin attempts + he works Japanese style + stiff strikes + submission work + did I mention Strong Style + or how awesome his matches with Kenta were.

    I would even say he is that he is Bryan Danielson but with a personality...or in simple terms vanilla with sprinkles :). Its just that little something that makes it better.

    Samoa > London

    RVD gets a bigger reaction

    Jack Evans doesn't piss off co-workers does he

    Doi is the champion right.....Open the Gate or Brave the Gate or whateverthefuckgate....not a fan of bxb Hulk's look or gimmick.

    The one in the left of your avatar

    Meh the one that looks like Matt Hardy

    Briscoes are a better team

    Daniels is the smarter worker and true ring general but Richards can get a bigger crowd reaction


    Hero's work in PWG > Omega work in Japanese promotion DDT

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    he is charismatic, young, has great moves

    Samoa Joe = Nigel McGuiness

    Jeff Hardy < Rob Van Dam

    Jack Evans = Teddy Hart

    BxB Hulk < Naruki Doi

    Jay > Mark Briscoe?

    Nick > Matt Jackson?

    AW < The Briscoes?

    Christopher Daniels = Davey Richards

    Tyler Black < Austin Aries

    Kenny Omega < Chris Hero

  • 1 decade ago

    Davey is probably one of the greatest all around wrestlers on the planet, with amazing technical skills, good brawling ability, and can fly high if he needs you, Davey Richards is just best at putting on good matches and showing his talent through pure ability.



    Rob Van Dam

    Teddy Hart

    BxB Hulk


    Nick Jackson

    American Wolves

    Daniels FTMFW

    Tyler Black :D

    Chris Hero

  • He can carry anyone to a great match.

    BQ Poll

    Samoa Joe

    Rob Van Dam

    Teddy Hart if I have to pick

    BxB Hulk



    American Wolves

    Davey Richards

    Tyler Black

    Chris Hero

    Source(s): www.mnrshootingfromthehip.com
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  • 1 decade ago

    I like that Davey can do varieties of wrestling: Japanese, Submission etc. He works great matches that are unmatched.











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