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question for songwriters or anyone who can help me?

i want to write a song. what is the format and rules. like the bridge and stuff idk what to do. if you know a site about writing a song. please please tell me

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  • mfg
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    There are really no rules, but most popular songs have the form AABA, That means the melody for the first two sections are nearly identical, the third section i(the bridge) s very different, and the fourth is usually fairly close to the first two parts. There might be an introduction that is different in melody from the A parts. Usually the song starts out lower in pitch and gradually works upward and the highest part should be the most dramatic. There are good books on songwriting, the For Dummies series or the Idiot's Guides, for instance. Good luck.

  • Adam D
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    There's no rules to writing music... just basic formats that get boring after awhile, like Verse/Chorus/Verse/Bridge/Chorus, End.

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