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Thin skin, lace front, or full lace wig?

How would thin skin work on a full head of hair? Also, between lace front and full lace, which looks more realistic? Can either be parted?

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    Hi, May I know you whether this is the first time for you to buy lace front wig or full lace wig ? sorry.

    To be honest I don't recommend thin skin, you know what, I think it is not very breathable, so I think full lace wig or lace front wig is better for you.

    1, For lace front wig and full lace wig, they all can be parted.

    2, there are synthetic lace front wig and human hair lace front wig, synthetic lace front wig is very cheaper, and human hair lace front wig is not so expensive.

    3, if you want some wig which looks very realistic, then I think full lace wig is much better, just it need to be attached with glue.

    Anyway, maybe you can try human hair lace front wig or full lace wig.

    If you have any quesstions, you can also add my YAHOO:

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    Thin Skin Lace Wig

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    hiya, Clip on wigs are corresponding to lace front wigs. they're person-friendly to be conscious and do away with and you do not might desire to apply adhesives to be conscious them. notwithstanding hairstyles are constrained and counting on the style you be conscious it on your head, its not continually sure to seem organic. known finished lace wigs are slightly extra frustrating to be conscious and for the main area, they require adhesives (glue and/or tape) to be conscious. notwithstanding the technique of stitching an entire lace wig into your hair has exchange into rather regularly occurring. the professionals for employing one in all those wig is that its almost undetectable and can provide extra style versatility and in maximum circumstances whilst utilized wisely it is likewise possible to swim with it. That of which you could't thoroughly do with a clip on wig. i desire that replaced into effective! Cheers!

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