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whats this boger like discharge?!!?

i usually get it before my period, but why is it boger like? i also get dicharge that is normal. i just want to know what this stuff is.

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    Vaginal discharge is a fluid that is produced by your body to moisten and cleanse the vagina.

    It is normal to get a daily vaginal discharge. It lasts for most of your adult life. Some days during your cycle the discharge is wet and liquidy, other days it is thick and ropy. If you don't like the way it feels or you want to protect your undies, try wearing a pantiliner each day. The pantiliner will absorb the vaginal discharge and help you = feel fresh and dry.

    An abnormal vaginal discharge is any discharge that has blood in it when you are not menstruating, has changed to a greenish color, has an unpleasant odor, and/or causes vaginal itching. You should contact your doctor if you are experiencing an abnormal discharge.

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