Why do you believe that female vegetarians outnumber male vegetarians in North America by nearly 2:1?


I realize that this is a long article, and I apologize for that. However, it does bring up some very interesting possible explanations for WHY there seem to be far more female vegetarians than male vegetarians (at least in North America).

Follow-up (but related) question: considering all the possible reasons for becoming a vegetarian, which do YOU feel are more likely to be cited by women than by men?

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  • 10 years ago
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    The article you posted has some pretty thoughtful responses to the question you pose.

    I am a 30-something vegan man who competes in sports regularly. I find that the social expectation to eat "manly meals" is very real. If not for my strong sense of self, ethics, and my upbringing in alternative cultures, I might submit to the pressure when I am with my other athlete friends and competitors.

    I am a vegan for a variety of reasons, but ethics is the main one. I have found that most vegetarians, by comparison, do it for health reasons. I have also found as a masters (adults) swim coach, most people swimming for health are women. There is social pressure for women to fit into certain social molds, not least of which centers on body image. That pressure, besides creating a template for unhealthy relationships with food and weight, can also provide pressure to care about health. Men, on the other hand, have pressure to be "manly", which is often equated with reckless behavior, or at least not caring about health in the same way as women. To top it off, "health", for men, often means looking like a football player, and being aggressive. Mistakenly, those two are equated as animal-protein diets. As a result very few men, even those looking for "health", go vegetarian.

    In sum, I think that this 2:1 ratio is caused mostly by social factors.

    In my experience, the reason cited most by women to go vegetarian is health or beauty related.

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    To some degree eating meat especially steak is marketed as being a "manly" meal and eating tofu (although there's other choices) is not. Stereotype: If you're vegetarian you're a wimp. Not my opinion but I'd bet men who do make this choice catch even more cr*p than women for not eating meat. I only know two guys that are vegetarian neither are wimpy looking but they are think outside the box people.

  • 10 years ago

    More guys will want to be all "I love to eat some juicy meat" or "We are meant to cook animals flesh and meat and eat it" then females...so as far as N.A. vegetarians [and vegans] there is very likely to be more females...especially in the teen category. Most females tend to be more caring to animals then males are. Not even a question.

  • clarke
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    10 years ago

    i think it's more socially acceptable for women then men in the western world, just like a guy can brag about how many women he's been with but if a girl does, she's a slut (first example i could think of ,folks)

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  • 10 years ago

    I would actually expect it to be a greater difference.

    I'd imagine that most of the men would cite health or religious reasons, and women would probably cite ethical reasons.

  • 10 years ago

    Its because people don't realise that people function best as vegans. If that weren't true, we would all die off if the animals we eat every day did. Are we dependent on animals for survival? No.

    People are just arrogant and because they don't understand the information that is out there, they dismiss veganism or even vegetarianism out of hand. I know I didn't used to give it any serious thought. I found out it is way better to be vegan though. I actually eat better than I used to eat.

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  • exsft
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    10 years ago

    for women, it's the weight loss/maintenance healthier skin and other vanity myths factor

    for men it's the "me caveman must eat meat, I am invincible and meat gives me strength" and other stamina/virility myths factor

    it is a reflection of the out dated double standard of society that women must maintain their girlish figures and youthful skin as long as they can to be admired while men can let themselves go and still be respected

  • an on
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    10 years ago

    if u google there are studies about people using vegetarian to mask eating disorders.

    more women than men have eating disorders IN GENERAL.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    well men tend to go for what tastes good, not what good for them. and most guys i meet tell me "im not going to live forever so i might as well enjoy my life and eat what i want". lol. also, girls are a little more sensitive towards animals.

  • 10 years ago

    Women are accustomed to being on diets. So it's just another diet to try. Men rarely think about their diet or mess with it. ∠°)

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