Who benefits financially from wars like Iraq and Afghanistan?

all i can think of is weapon manufactures...

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    I found this from another question like yours on yahoo answers. Here is what the top answer had wrote.

    Ocean Bulkships Inc. Iraq $5,000,000 USAID

    Odebrect-Austin Iraq $1,500,000,000 DoD

    Outfitter Satellite, Inc. Iraq $33,203 DoD

    Parsons Corp. Iraq $5,286,136,252 DoD

    Parsons Energy and Chemicals Group Iraq $43,361,340 DoD

    Perini Corporation Iraq $2,525,000,000 DoD

    Perini Corporation

    Raytheon Technical Services Iraq $12,412,573 DoD

    Readiness Management Support LC (Johnson Controls Inc.)

    Iraq $173,965,104 USAID

    Red River Computer Company Iraq $972,592.90 DoD

    Research Triangle Institute Iraq $466,070,508 USAID

    Ronco Consulting Corporation Iraq $12,008,289.60 DoD

    S&K Technologies Inc. Iraq $4,950,384.80 DoD

    Science Applications International Corp. Iraq $159,304,219 DoD

    Sealift Inc. Iraq $4,000,000 USAID

    Segovia Inc. Iraq $320,636 DoD

    SETA Corporation Iraq $3,165,765 DoD

    Shaw Group/Shaw E & I Iraq $3,050,749,910 DoD

    Signature Science Iraq $4,704,464 DoD

    Simmonds Precision Products Iraq $4,412,488 DoD

    SkyLink Air and Logistic Support (USA) Inc. Iraq $27,344,600 USAID

    Smith Office Machines Corporation Iraq $2,961 DoD

    SPARCO Iraq $9,215 DoD

    Stanley Baker Hill L.L.C. Iraq $1,200,000,000 DoD

    Stanley Consultants Iraq $7,709,767 DoD

    Staples National Advantage Iraq $4,194 DoD

    Stevedoring Services of America Iraq $14,318,895 USAID

    Stratex Freedom Services Afghanistan $1,978,175 DoD

    Structural Engineers Iraq $1,113,000 DoD

    TECO Ocean Shipping Co. Iraq $7,200,000 USAID

    Tetra Tech Inc. Iraq $1,541,947,671 DoD

    Titan Corporation Iraq $402,000,000 DoD

    Total Business Iraq $4,696 DoD

    Transfair North America International Iraq $19,351 USAID

    Triumph Technologies Iraq $228,924 DoD

    Unisys Corporation Iraq $320,000 DoD

    United Defense Industries, L.P. Iraq $4,500,000 DoD

    USA Environmental Inc. Iraq $1,541,947,671 DoD

    Vinnell Corporation (Northrop Grumman) Iraq $48,074,442 DoD

    Ward Transformer Sales & Services Iraq $115,000 DoD

    Washington Group International Iraq $3,133,078,193 DoD

    WECSYS Iraq $3,040 DoD

    Weston Solutions, Inc. Iraq $16,279,724 DoD

    Young, Brian Afghanistan $106,150 $39,000 State

    Zapata Engineering Iraq $1,478,838,958 DoD

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    1 decade ago

    Some people would say that Insurgents get there weapons from old Russian weapon chaches.

    That's a load of ****, Iran, they benefit from this war, not financially but their arming these terrorist.

    Keeping them going, and they need to be stopped, so to hell with Afghanistan we invade Iran terrorist start shitting them selves and the wars over. They hate America and there just keeping them selves on the good side by arming innocent civilians of Afghan and Iraq!, Iran needs to be shown a lesson and ******* example of what happens when a country steps out of line, America did it too Japan and they'll ******* do it again!

  • 4 years ago

    I speculate that it quite is using the fact they're all too petrified of the protection foyer which will quickly funnel a good number of money to their combatants and examine out to make all of us think of they're traitors in the event that they attempt to shrink protection in any way. the present budget issues are not any diverse from the previous, different than the quantities are turning out to be and we've an turning out to be older inhabitants. If we don't initiate having a good number of youngsters, or immigrating youthful workers, the variety of retirees will finally exceed the variety of workers paying employment taxes that help them. Sweden is in this occasion and their taxes are very severe even although their protection tension is for little greater effective than parades (I knew a Swedish officer who might disagree, yet they have not certainly fought all people in view that Napoleon). We spend as a lot by way of fact something of the worldwide blended on our protection tension, so our allies do not could. we could continually not be predicted to foot the fees to be the worldwide's police that guard Europe, Asia and Africa. we want a 30 3 hundred and sixty 5 days plan to shrink our protection to in effortless terms what's mandatory to guard this continent. Obama has shrink greater protection projects than any President in view that Eisenhower, however the ten new $14 billion Gerald Ford type airplane carriers we've ordered, and a sparkling anti-ballistic missile equipment (to help Europe!) are actually not likely to make us somewhat greater look after against terrorists who hijack airplanes with a field cutters, and Bush's attempt to get the Russians right into a sparkling chilly war with the aid of abrogating the ABM Treaty would fool some people into questioning we want those, yet we don't.

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    / The people of those countries benefit from the wars financially. After those wars, America helps to rebuild those nations with new infrastructures, schools and housing as well as water, sewer and electricity plants.

    It has been that way from America since WW2. America rebuilt Europe, Japan, Viet Nam, South Korea, Iraq once before, and will help rebuild those countries as well as helping Pakistan (thanks to bombing from Obama).

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  • 1 decade ago

    Iraq and Afghanistan,U S feels it has to rebuild their country better than it was before we went in there.

  • 1 decade ago

    Blackwater, Dyncor and Halliburton made billions, also.

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