Which FULL names do you prefer for these nicknames?

Choose your favourite nickname from each group (or another variant of that nickname that you like) and say which full name you prefer for that nickname.

1) Rose/Rosie/Rosa?

2) Kate/Kat/Cat/Cate/Cait?

3) Addie?

4) Ali/Allie/Ally?

4) Belle/Bella?

5) Elle/Ellie?

6) Ana/Anne/Ann/Anna?

7) Emme/Emmy/Emma?

8) Viv/Vivi?

9) Lily/Lilly?

10) Eve/Evie?

Thanks! :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    You always ask such good questions! I really love answering them :)

    1 -- Rose ~ I love this name on it's own, not as a nickname for anything. It has so much class and elegance and beauty about it, that it's completely substantial on it's own. If it *had* to be short for something, I suppose I would choose the longer name "Rosalie", which I also like, but I like the sound of the full name as well and would probably just call her Rosalie and not Rose.

    2 -- Kate ~ I adore this name, it means "pure" which is very sweet. I like it as a middle name by itself, but if I were to use it as a first name, I would use it as a nickname for Katherine - which I also love and it's my cousin's name as well so I would consider using Katherine or Kate in honour of her. I have Grace Katherine on my list and Isabella Kate; I love it as a first name as well though.

    3 -- Addie ~ I adore the name Adeline (add-uh-LINE) and though I prefer the full name on it's own, if I were to use a nickname for it, I would use Addie. So, Adeline "Addie" :)

    4 -- Ali ~ I love this nickname and this spelling the most (it looks the sweetest and it's the simplest which is usually what I go for in names!), I love Alison and if I were to use Alison as a name, I would, without doubt, use Ali as a nickname. Alison "Ali" (though I could see many full names with the potential nickname "Ali" - Adeline, like I said in 3, could have Ali as a nickname too...)

    5 -- Elle ~ love El(le), it's beautiful :) there are many longer names that I love with this nickname, my top ones would be Elizabeth, Eloise and Eleni. If I were to choose just one of the names, I would choose Elizabeth, though Eleni used to be on my favourites list, I like Elizabeth "Elle" slightly more.

    6 -- Anna ~ Anna is a sweet name, but I like it as a full name on it's own usually (I like the pronunciation AH-nuh better than ANN-uh though), however if I were to use it as a nickname, I would choose the full name, Anastasia (though I also like Annalise and Anya). I do prefer, however, Annie as a nickname for all of them.

    7 -- Emma ~ I like Emma as a name on it's own and that is entirely how I view it, Emma is my best friend's name and I call her Emmy (I'm really the only one that does though, otherwise she just goes by Emma or Em) - so if I were to use Emmy, I would have it as a nickname for either Emma or Emily.

    8 -- Viv ~ I adore this as a nickname for Vivienne (which is a favourite name of mine and is on my list as a middle name for Rose), it's simple and sweet and it looks nice written down, I do love Vivienne as a full name though as well.

    9 -- Lily ~ I have a couple of names that I like with Lily as a nickname. Lillian, Liliana and Lilia are just some of the really nice ones (I recently heard Lillium and I quite like it to though I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to use it). If I had to choose one, I would choose Lilia, I just love the way it sounds and it's less common than Lillian. I definitely prefer the spelling Lily over Lilly as well.

    10 -- Evie ~ I don't like this name, honestly, it's just unattractive sounding to me. If I were to use it as a nickname, though, I would use the full name Genevieve or Geneva (probably Genevieve). I adore the name Geneveive, but I probably would use the nickname Genna before I considered Ev(i)e, because like I said, I'm not a fan.


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  • 10 years ago

    Roslie Rosie

    Caitlyn Cait

    Addison Addie

    Allyson Ally

    Annabelle Bella

    Elizabeth Ellie

    Anneabelle Anna

    Emilie Emme

    Vivian Viv

    Lillian Lily

    Evelynn Eve

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  • Juliet
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    1. Rose/ Rosalie

    2. Kate/ Katherine

    3. Addie/ Adeline

    4. Ally/ Alice

    5. Belle/ Annabelle

    6. Ellie/ Estella--> I know it's weird.

    7. Anne/ Annabelle

    8. Emmy/ Emilia

    9. Vivi/ Vivianne

    10. Lily/ Lillian

    11. Eve/ Evangeline


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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    1. Rosie- Rosalie

    2. Kat/Kate- Kathryn

    3. Addie- Adelyn

    4. Allie- Allison

    4. Bella/Belle- Arabella/Arabelle

    5. Elle- Brielle

    6. Anna- Annabel

    7. Emma- Emmeline

    8. Viv/Vivi- Viviana

    9. Lily- Lilyana

    10. Eve- Eva?

    [There is actually 11 questions, You put #4 twice]


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  • 1. Rose; Rosaline

    2. Kate; Katherine

    3. Addie; Madison

    4. Belle; Annabelle

    5. Ellie; Annelise

    6. Anna; Annabelle

    7. Emme; Emmeline

    8. Vivi; Vivienne

    9. Lily; Lilian

    10. Eve; Evelyn

    Source(s): s α r α h ♥
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  • Mara
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    Rose- Rosalie

    Kate- Katherine

    Addie- Adeline

    Allie: Allison

    Belle: Isabel

    Ellie: Elizabeth

    Anna: Annabelle

    Emmy: Emma

    Vivi: Vivian

    Lily: Lillian

    Evie: Evelyn

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  • 5 years ago

    Allyson Ally

    Annabelle Bella

    Elizabeth Ellie

    Anneabelle Anna

    Emilie Emme

    Vivian Viv

    Lillian Lily

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  • 10 years ago

    1. Rose - Rosemond

    2. Kate - Catherine

    3. Addie - Adeline

    4. Allie - Alessandra

    5. Belle - Isobel

    6. Elle - Eleanora

    7. Anna - Anneliese

    8. Emma - Emmeline

    9. Viv - Vivienne

    10. Lily - Lilith

    11. Evie - Evangeline

    I think Rose is equally fine as a full name though. At the moment, I have it on my list as a full first name (Rose Helena).

    For some reason, Kate is the only K name I like, for all other names I prefer C spellings, like Catherine. I don't think it matters that the nickname starts with a different letter though.

    For Ali/Allie/Ally, Allie is my favourite for a girl. For a boy though, my favourite would be Ali, which I like as a nickname for Alistair.


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  • 10 years ago

    1. Rosalie

    2. Katherine

    3. Adeline

    4. Alyssa

    5. Arebelle

    6. Estelle

    7. Emmeline

    8. Vivian

    9. Lilian

    10. Evangeline

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  • 10 years ago

    1. Rose: I want to say Rosaline, but I'm not sure it works. If not, Rosemary.

    2. Kate: Katherine

    3. Addie: Adela

    4. Ally: Alice

    4b. Belle (or perhaps Bel?): Mirabel

    5. Ellie for a child, Elle for an adult: Eleanor

    6. Anna: I just love Anna! If I had to go with a longer name...Joannah

    7. Emmy: Amelia

    8. Vivi: Vivian or Genevieve (I really like this nickname!)

    9. Lily: I'd just use Lily to be honest, though perhaps Lilianna.

    10. Evie: Genevieve or Evelyn

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  • AJ 234
    Lv 4
    10 years ago

    1. Rose

    2. Katherine

    3. Adeline

    4. Allison

    5. Isabelle

    6. Annie

    7. Emma

    8. I can't stand Viv names

    9. Lily

    10. Evelyn

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