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How is the current situation in West Papua similar to what East Timor experienced in the later half of...?

the 20th century?

a. Both were colonies of the Netherlands.

b. Many Western governments have chosen not to raise the issues of human rights abuses.

c. INTERFET has been summoned to keep peace in the region.

d. There was an immediate peacekeeping intervention by the United Nations.

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    East Timor was at one time Portuguese rather than Dutch. It had a lot of support from Roman Catholic authorities world wide as most of the population is Catholic. It was mainly Australia who was instrumental in the liberation of East Timor. The UN was only the rubber stamp.

    West Papua differs from the fact that unfortunately it does not have wide support and the international political climate is cool to upsetting the Indonesian Government. It is similar to East Timor mainly in the fact that the West Papuans are much different culturally than the majority of people under Indonesian Authority and do not consider themselves Indonesian.

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