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why is boxing better than MMA?

i am not a troll i just want to know why boxing fans thing boxing better than MMA.

i myself feel that MMA is better than boxing but im just trying to see why boxing fans feel the way they feel.

I repeat i am not a troll i am not bashing anyone or any sport i am just wondering.

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    I like both, which is better is a personal opinion. Both take different skills, and require different training.

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    &feature=related. Franks Shamrock likes boxing he's in mma, George Foreman likes mma he's a boxer. The two don't have to be mutually exclusive.

    Still boxing is better, as Frank pointed out in his interview the quickest way to take someone out is a punch to brain. MMA is a more natural form of fighting, but boxing requires more discipline, it's an exact science. With less variables, which allows the mastery to come forward. In mma you can afford to not know how to punch if your ground game is way above avg like Matt Hughes. Boxers don't have that luxury to get to the top of the sport on one skill alone. A big punch can only carry you so far before your exposed. Roice Gracie was able to dominate MMA with his ground game alone. Brock Lesnar is still doing the same thing in current times. Boxing by limiting itself pushes you to master its skill set.

    MMA requires a bigger skill set which allows people to slack off in some areas, so more people are not quite at mastery level. Some are lik BJ Penn, Anderson Silva and GSP. In the the end MMA is still just an advanced form of wrestling, and wrestling by its design is not as entertaining as a stand up fight. Which is why the force them to stand up after extended periods of fighting for position.

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    Maybe mma, but ,I don't know about karate but ,since I saw some things ,in my mind I think some things is good(even if some people tell it's not like taekwondo, but this is what people say ,not me or you or someone).But boxing(which is Greek ma too(I don't say they developed it or it were taken from Greece but it was even if you want it or not, like pankration ,very similar with mma and believe me is very close to it) ,is very good.My uncle went boxing and he was so good.He was policeman and had a kind heart.When someone had a fight with many other guys:an unfair battle, he went there and went in the middle and he could fight or whatever only to stop the fight.(What I mean is, boxing is very good.But mma is a complete ma that is very good.You can use everything.I like both of the 3 but the most I like mma(but Idk Karate at all).Mma can make you have the advantage in many things and type of fights.But boxing is very good.You know.Mma have a lot of boxing too.But you know, you can go mma and do the most boxing and if you could some type of karate on home.But it has some things that it's not the same of going to mma, this is what others gonna say so, I tell it so not to take so many thumbs down(since I have so big paragraph and say more things than the main....Read it like a story to fill your time):D:D:D:D!!!!!!!!!

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    boxing is a martial sport and is neither better no worse than mma. while mma cans till be a sport it is starting to get to the level of martial combat. Boxing will teach you how to punch very well and effectively. Most mma fighters train in boxing to help them with this.

    Source(s): have trained in both boxing and kick boxing
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    Their both great sports. I like boxing better though. But today MMA just seems like who is trying to make the most money. It seems as though any guy who can flex and talk **** can be a MMA fighter. With boxing it shows that either one of the fighters can be shown as a tomato can in a fight or 2. Not only that, boxing has had such great characters in the sport and such great events. I don't see and fight of the century event happening soon in MMA. Ali vs Frazier fight is the Thriller of boxing.

    MMA is just the popular kid in high school. You have only so many fans. Boxing, however, has one guy marching up to fight with a whole nation backing him up

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    I wish people would stop comparing the two, both sports are great if you have the right fights setup. I personally like MMA more because it has more aspects to it instead of just punches but boxing is still the sweet science. They both have great athletes, yet people still hate on and disrespect the others sports preference. They are two totally different sports in my point of view.

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    The goal of getting an opponent to the canvas without knocking him off balence and keeping him there without holds for 10 seconds is just a sweet science unmatched in any other style competition.

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    10 years ago

    Just an opinion. I like both sports. I prefer Boxing because of the action. But is baseball better than football. Nope just a matter of opinion,and some people like many sports.

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    10 years ago

    I do not consider MMA a sport.

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    Because boxers do not lay all on the ground on top of each other dry humping, and making out.

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    They're a lot different, boxing is more traditional though, which is probably why a lot of people like it better.

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