Will this laptop make a good Hackintosh?

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My friend needs a new Mac, but doesn't have $3000. He needs the high-end video cards and hard drives because he does alot of video editing, so I found him an Acer Aspire 5740 ...show more
Update : Swibs: I'm not sure why it says that for you. I'm looking at it ...show more

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  • answered 4 years ago
    try a video editing
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  • answered 4 years ago
    Newegg says the item has been deactivated.

    But what you really need to worry about is using a high-end video card under Mac OS X. Are there drivers available? The Windows drivers won't work, and graphics cards made for Macs have slightly different hardware than regular "PC" graphics cards you buy at the store.

    OSx86 has been known to have glitchy graphics performance. Mac OS X was designed for legitimate Macintosh hardware. OSx86 tries to bridge the gap with regular hardware, but it's far from perfect.

    If your friend needs high-end performance because he does a lot of video editing, it sounds like he's doing serious work. Doing anything serious under a hacked-up installation of Mac OS X on regular "PC" hardware is just plain stupid. What happens if his installation breaks? Windows cannot read HFS+, Mac OS X's filesystem. His work will be lost.

    I put "PC" in quotes because a Mac is also a PC, a personal computer.
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