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Why is Kate Gosselin famous?

Why do people care about her life? She offers absolutely nothing to the world yet she's constantly in the "news" for her hair or her crap dancing. Frankly, I'm tired of seeing her face plastered on magazines and on TV. She's a nobody. People need to get their own lives and move on.

Same goes for the guy, Jon.

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    I agree. She's really annoying, and has no real reason to be famous. But a lot of people liked the show "Jon and Kate plus 8" because she had sextuplets and people wanted to see how their day to day lives were. But then it quickly became over-rated and people stopped caring. It turned more into a drama/reality show, and then she got plastic surgery and everyone started watching the show for the random "Shockers" they had. I feel bad for Jon. Kate let it all go to her head and forgot that the show was for her kids, and sucked up all the attention for herself and turned into a stuck up b!tc#.

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    properly, i'm going to provide you some motives (even with the actuality that i think of it incredibly is almost obvious). a million. 8 infants. jointly as no longer unique, it incredibly is unusual. 2. Interracial couple. This attracts media interest. 3. they're good on digital camera. they might artwork with the prepare. subsequently, they're potential 4. They talk today. they are not hideous. subsequently, they're marketable. 5. Their infants are stunning and photogenic. 6. A multi-million dollar media conglomerate backs them, and on the slicing room floor can turn even an earthly kin right into a stellar finding one. Video enhancing is astounding interior the image it may portray. 7. people such as you will talk approximately it. Even to ask, "why are they favourite". This generates extra exposure, and extra exposure skill extra merchandising revenues. An advertiser does not care in case you like the prepare or the people or no longer. Advertisers (the place all the funds is made) choose to be efficient in a miles better objective audience.

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    She is a breeder with like 8 kids. (breeder = 3+ kids)

    She had a reality show about raising her billion kids.

    The drama with her husband. I will leave at that...

    Her front to the side mullet hair style.


    Do not get me started....

    Source(s): I hate myself for knowing who they are. I really do.
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    She's ridiculous and people love to see ridiculous people on TV all the time. I personally dislike her so much.

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    She has a lot of kids

    Shes a *****

    I guess people think shes entertaining to watch.

    I hate her -.-

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    God, why is anybody famous? I don't get it.

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