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What is more dangerous? Extreme heat or extreme cold?

Let's say, an average human being was placed on the hottest place on earth (on the surface...not in the earth's core...) , would they last longer (survive..) than someone (average person) who was placed on the coldest place on earth?

I am thinking that extreme cold would probably kill you quicker. Thoughts?

Please be specific and use your reasoning/facts.

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    Actually, extreme heat is more deadly, since it kills more people on average every year than hurricanes, tornadoes, flash floods, and lightning combined.

    When the temperature outside is 100F or higher and the humidity approaches 40%, the heat index soars from anywhere between 110F and 120F. Heat poses a significantly greater hazardous threat than the cold.

    If you are outside in extreme heat, your body is losing water faster each minute you are exposed to these conditions. Because your body requires a sensitive balance to maintain homeostasis, your sweat evaporates right off your skin and your body cannot replenish itself from the loss of fluids. It is very easy to go into a heat stroke and even become unconscious in these conditions.

    Whereas in the frigid cold, your body isn't losing water like it would if it was sweltering outside. Cold induces frost bite and numbness on any exposed skin because skin can freeze just like any other solid. If you're exposed to these conditions for a prolonged amount of time, eventually your body will fail to maintain homeostasis and your temperature would plunge into fatal levels.

    To be honest, both these conditions are extremely dangerous to your body, but the heat has a much greater capability of killing you faster than if you were left out in the cold. But many fatalities which occur in weather-related incidents do happen from heat stroke and severe heat exhaustion.

    Hope this helps you!

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    Extreme heat would dehydrate you if you were trapped in a desert. And the hottest temperature ever recorded was 136 degrees Fahrenheit! You would survive longer in extreme heat, if you knew how to handle it. (Such as finding water, capturing food, etc.)

    Extreme cold is different. You would get frost bite in Antarctica. And body parts would fall off. Within 10 minutes outside in below freezing temperature you would get frostbite. Then again if you knew how to survive then you could live your whole life probably! I would say the cold is worse.

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    I believe you would die faster in extreme cold. In some places they recommend that you not go outside for more than 5 minutes. In extreme heat you could last longer than five minutes. I think it also has to do with the fact that body temperature has to stay at a warmer degree. In the cold it drops too fast. In the heat your body stays warm. Eventually you die, in either case.

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    You have just asked a very common subjective question. Notice I used the word subjective meaning, there is no right or wrong answer..because it entirely depends on the person's point of view, rather than any kind of factual statement, that cannot really be made. It's like asking do you like the cold of winter or the heat of summer? There is no right answer.

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    extreme cold would kill u quicker. Think about it. In extreme cold, u get hyperthermia. By the way, the guy on the coldest would die quicker.

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    Both extremes are equally deadly, and can kill equally quickly in extreme cases. With certain types of hypothermia though, resuscitation is more possible than with hyperthermia.

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    I'm thinking along with your way of thinking.. frost bite hypothermia. but you get weird in the head either way. But on the other hand in heat you gotta think about not getting enough water to replenish . So i think either way would be one hell of a way to die.

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    extreme heat

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