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I need help with my resume.?

this is not how it really looks like because answers yahoo makes it i little different when you post it.. the way it really looks like is i have my street name and address on the left side of the screen and every thing else on the right. please give me some tips on formatting and different styles to refine my resume. and anything else....

100 Main Street

Blah, Bl 00000


Jane Doe


Objective: To obtain a full time position that allows me to use my skills and training.


• Excellent interpersonal skills, phone manner, and office etiquette.

• Bilingual/Spanish

• Reliable and responsible

• Hardworking and self-motivated

• Able to multitask and flexible

• Team Player/work well alone as well

• Time Management Skills

• Detail-Oriented

• Strong interpersonal skill

• Customer Service Trained


• Microsoft Word

• Microsoft Excel

• Microsoft Power Point.

• Microsoft Publisher.


Exert Job Corps Academy Business Technology 2009

High school diploma

Office Administration Certificate

Customer Service


Exeter Job Corps Academy Internship Outreach And Admissions

Responsibilities: Booking appointments, filling papers, presenting prospective students with a tour of the center and answering questions.

References: Available upon request.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You could try replacing a few things:

    1. "Work well alone as well" replace with self-starter or self-motivated.

    2. "Customer Service Trained" replace with customer service experience or something like that.

    List any jobs if you've had any and make sure to label the company name and what you did.

    Also for the formatting if you'd like to use other formats try Microsoft Word Resume Wizard, if you haven't already.

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  • 1 decade ago

    blah blah dot dot dash 333 226 5566

    obj:curr.seeking client service professional employment,while enhancing my skills thru study.

    prev: working with job corps.

    abilities: office admin.savy, proficient oper. of office equip. and window programs.keybord @ 65wpm.


    emp. 02/2009 job corps. l.a.,ca. <office tech.>.

    education: certified office administrator with r.o.p.

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