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Why do people like comic books?

I mean, it's obvious they're trying to pretend to be cool. They could just read a book that has more substance to it and everything. I think they're trying to fit into a subculture or something. I noticed that they don't even read the good ones like Spiderman or Xmen or even Superman. It's all this stuff with blood and killing. I think they're just pretending to be kids and cool when they're really just old and stupid.

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    Reading comic books has nothing to do with "pretending to be cool"--it's all to do with a personal attraction towards the media itself. Comic books present a story in the art style of its artist and are a direct collaboration between art and literature. This graphic style of storytelling appeals to many people, not just kids or older adults "trying to be kids". It has nothing to do with intelligence or "coolness" and all to do with the unique experience of visually experiencing a story on paper.

    Your statement is ignorant and equivalent to the declaration that people who like movies are "pretending to be cool kids".

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    No. No no no no no. You don't have a clue as to what you are talking about. Comic books have never been all that popular, and neither have they been cool. Nowadays those that read comic books are nerds. I fell it is YOU who is trying to rain down on comic books because you do not deem them up to your literary standards. You don't know anything about the subject. You probably smirk at Spider Man and Super Man comics without even bothering to read any mature comics. Sure there are some mature comic books that are all blood and gore, but that's like saying there are Mills and Boon style books that are tacky. Read Watchmen. That is an absolutely superb comic book that has more philosphical meaning that most fine pieces of literature. Look at Doctor Manhattan and Rorschach. They both represent ethical and moral justice. It really is a beautiful comic book. And The Killing Joke has some superb psychological undertones and overtones. Those last two pages may sound stupid, but it really is about two characters, one constantly inflicting pain and the other always preventing pain, and it shows their broken and twisted relationship. The fact that two complete opposites share such a strange and personal relationship is truly beautiful. Go and read those two comics before you decide to hate on all comic books.

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    Comic Books Are Stupid

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    The comic medium is still alive and well, thank you. Not that I'm a big fan of it or anything, but there are a few series that I do follow. And since when have comic books been "cool"? I've always linked them to the nerd crowd.

    Now, I can't speak for everyone, but this is my view.

    I read the ones that you don't like that much. Why? Well, the MAIN reason is that HERO comics randomly BOLD words for unnecessary EMPHASIS. It GETS really ANNOYING. Especially WHEN they START bolding words that AREN'T even important. Can you see my point?

    There is only series that I read that does this (AD&D), and that's only because I love the art and characters. It's also hard to find, so I only end up reading one issue at a time with great amounts of space between.

    The second reason I avoid this type of comic book is the awkward and highly unrealistic dialogue. I have seenpeople say corny lines like "They'll never spot me!" outloud while right behind someone. And, worse, is the awkward introduction and unnecessary details. My favorite example of this to point out to friends is a scene in AD&D. In this scene, a mindflayer comes out of nowhere and starts to attack the heros, saying something along the lines of "I am (insert really out of place name here, something like "Robert") the Mindflayer! Prepare to fall victim to my psychic attacks!" While the heros are already lying on the ground, writhing in pain. Seriously? Did you really need to introduce yourself like that? And a little late warning them about the psychic attack... Not that they'd even be listening at that point...

    And finally, I don't like the hero comics because I'm young. Because I missed their peek, all the ideas and plot twists and so on are old and predictable. I like to be surprised and maybe even a little confused by what I read. A good example of this is the series I just finished about zombies (think that was what it was called, too XP). I was engrossed the whole time, wondering if the characters would survive. The plot twists were surprising and creative, and the ending was rather unique. That's the kind of comic I like to read. I loved it and I don't even like zombies!

    Anyway, it's all about opinion. You may think comic books are stupid, but I think that wearing makeup and low-cut shirts and going out to parties is stupid. But who knows? You might like going out to parties. And I like (certain) comic books.

    Also, I do read books. Right now, I'm reading Dragon's Wild, Starship Titanic, and Dante's Inferno. Yes, all at the same time.

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    Funny, I always felt a little weird because I couldn't get into them and I really tried I stated reading King and Koontz at 10 yrs old.

    Comics always seemed to me kind of like Kung Foo Theater, something your supposed to like as a boy but it always seemed like to much of an effort to extrapolate any honest entertainment out of I had $h!t to do I guess. How do you not look at the pictures on the next page by mistake, and how does that not ruin the suspense for you? I guess you could fold it.LOL

    Mad and Cracked now that was real low brow entertainment and I didn't even have to fake it.

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    Why do people like comic books?

    I mean, it's obvious they're trying to pretend to be cool. They could just read a book that has more substance to it and everything. I think they're trying to fit into a subculture or something. I noticed that they don't even read the good ones like Spiderman or Xmen or even...

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    well aren't we the consummate pseudo-intellectual!

    Last time I checked, people are going to like what they like.

    and it doesn't require your consent or approval.

    Maybe some people like comics because it doesn't require as much as it does for reading a book

    maybe some people like comics because they have a great appreciation for the art and genre

    People don't have to like things because the masses like it or don't like it. Most people into comics [especially adults] tend to operate outside the conventions of society in general any way.

    I don't particularly read comics...except the occasional manga....and again that is because I enjoy the art and the non-traditional, non-American narrative.

    and I DO read. I am currently reading "Amerika" by Franz Kafka.

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    When most of society perceives comics and comic-culture as "low brow" and "nerdy" it defies logic that people would take part in them as an attempt at being "cool" or mainstream acceptance.

    Comic books are a different medium than books, so making a comparative statement between comics and actual books (I assume you are referring to fiction) is like comparing a stage production to television.

    As for "trying to fit into a subculture" there is no "try" needed. Comics and the pulp-fiction family have existed as a separate and distinct sociological in-group since before television. It is considered "low brow" whereas novels like "Crime and Punishment" are high-brow. But there is a proven relationship between high and low brow, where they feed into one another.

    When it comes to content matter in comics, everybody is entitled to their own opinion and their own tastes. Me, I prefer Superman and traditional heroes, but I don't judge others for having more "colorful" tastes.

    As far as "pseudo-intellectual"? You can find them in just about every group in popular culture. Personally, I think you can drop the "pseudo," it sounds condescending.

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    I get what you're saying. I think the comics people are the real pseudo-intellectuals. Most are some sort of GURP anyway and hate everything that's popular for its sake.

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