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Do you like these names?

These are my favourite names.


































What do you think about them? and why/what do they make you think of?

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  • eli
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    10 years ago
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    Olivia - no its old fashioned

    Tiffany - yes it reminds me of diamonds and expensive things. if i had to choose a girls name from your list id pick this one...

    Ebony - no

    Grace - no its too popular atm

    Ruby - i like it but again its too popular

    Kaity - i like it but i would spell it katie

    Isabelle - no, i have several friends (who dont know each other) who have daughters with that name

    Elizabeth - no its old fashioned and reminds me of old ladies

    Emma - its okay

    Zoe - i like the name Zoe

    Beth - its a shortend version or nickname of Elizabeth or Bethany not a full name

    Hannah - it reminds me of hannah montana and i cant stand that programme

    Frances - to me its a male name i went to primary school with a boy called Frances

    Rose - i like it its a nice girly name

    Holly - i like holly. its christmasy and i had a pet rabbit called holly

    Amber - i dont like this name, all the Ambers i have met havent been nice people.

    Ruth - i dont like the name ruth. i dunno why but i never have.

    Lily - too popular atm.

    Sophie - i like sophie its a classic

    Brooke - its ok. it reminds me of those spoilt teenagers in american tv programmes


    Jacob - no. becoming more popular coz of twighlight

    Caleb - no i dont like it at all. mainly coz a guy called Caleb beat the **** out of my best mate

    Noah - its very religous, it reminds me of animals walking in 2 by 2.

    William - my nephews name. i dont like it that much.

    Jaimie - i like the name but i would spell it Jamie. it reminds me of Jamie Redknapp and my ex bf.

    Brandon - i dont like this name. it reminds me of italy.

    James - i dont like the name James. too popular.

    Samuel - i had a dog called Samuel or Sam for short. ive known many pets called sam i dont see it as a human name.

    Josh - short for Joshua. its okay but not great.

    Matthew - a bit plain. too popular

    Tyler - i like it. it reminds me of a cowboy. i dunno why tho. if i had to choose a boys name from your list id pick this one...

  • From your list I like Olivia, Grace, Ruby, Katie (spelt correctly and as a nickname only), Isabelle (spelt Isabel), Elizabeth, Beth (as a nickname only), Hannah, Rose, Holly, Ruth and Lily. They are all lovely girls names.

    I don't like Tiffany, Ebony, Emma, Zoe, Frances, Amber, Sophie or Brooke. They are not my type and I don't find any of them attractive or appealing.

    For boys I like Jacob, Noah, William, Jamie (spelt properly and as a nickname only), Brandon, James, Samuel, Josh (as a nickname only) and Matthew.

    I hate Tyler. Always have. Caleb is fine but not my type.

    Overall my 2 favourites are Rose and James.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Zoë (with the "ë") is a beautiful name [meaning life] my best friend's name is Zoë :)

    Emma... kind of common and not a huge fan of most Emma's I know...

    Hannah... I like it! I love that it's a Jewish name. Although, now when I think about it all I can see is Miley Cyrus...

    Holly... It's okay, it would be nice as a nickname for Hollis I think.

    Elizabeth... I think it's a bit overused to be honest, so that kind of blinds my judgement of the name itself.

    Isabelle. LOVE IT! I love that it has they extra "LE" on it :)

    Frances... No comment...

    Amber - overused and it has no meaning to be honest, I don't think it's at all attractive.

    Olivia. I think this name is again, overused.

    Kaity... I don't like "Kaity" I like Katy, I like Katie, I like Cady, I even like Catie more that Kaity.

    Ruby, I like it but it makes me think of Max and Ruby.

    Tiffany. I know many awesome Tiffany's but I always thought it sounded bratty.

    Ebony... is that a girl's name??

    Grace overused but I LOVE Gracie or Gracey :)

    Lily I don't like Lily I think it's a bit too cutesy but I like Lilly.

    Sophie LOVE that name :))

    Brooke overused, not unique, etc. I'll stop myself before I get nasty.

    Sorry for not doing boy's names I have school now byeee.


  • deanta
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    10 years ago

    Mostly great names. The only ones I don't like much are Tiffany, Ebony, Kaity, Beth, Amber and Tyler.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    My favorite girls names out of the list are Isabelle and Grace. My favorite boys names out of the list are Jacob and Noah. Good luck! The other names either remind me of someone or I just don't like them...I hope you pick the perfect one though!

  • 10 years ago

    Most of them are too common. But I like Ebony, Holly, Amber, Zoe, Tyler and Samuel.

  • 10 years ago

    Isabelle and Sophie sounds nice :)

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