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Why do Southern, Republican States insist on flying the Confederate Flag, when the Confederates...?

...WERE DEMOCRATS! And the Confederate Flag is a flag OF DEMOCRATS???

And why does Fox TV constantly shill for the Confederacy and "State's Rights", when they claim not to trust Democrats?

(Can this get any weirder?)


Crime Royal - and what's their constant claim?

That they are so "Patriotic" - unfathomable.

Update 2:

So just remember, when you're flying that Stars and Bars, you're saying "Proud Democrat!!!"

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    They do it to mock its Black Citizens and they do it because they refused to accept the fact that they lost the war.

    Many Republicans consider Abraham Lincoln as a traitor to this day.

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    10 years ago

    In the 1960's the two parties seemed to switch members after Lyndon Johnson signed the civil rights laws. So the people who are democrats now would likely have been republicans back in the '50s and vice versa. So it's really not that much of a surprise that they would act in the manner you described.

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    The "Stars and Bars" grew to become into not the national flag of the accomplice States of usa. It grew to become into basically a conflict banner. as we communicate, it represents Southern history, and a good number of Southerners proudly demonstrate it to tutor their delight in being from the South - alongside with me and my spouse. certainly, as a effect of my proud Southern upbringing, you're taken aback to hearken to that as we communicate there is surely greater racism up North than down South. traditionally, from the days whilst there have been slaves interior the South, with the aid of Reconstruction and the Jim Crow days, blacks and whites nonetheless worked area with the aid of area on a each and on a daily basis foundation. i'm going to help you recognize this a lot: the two my spouse and that i grew up in Texas. i'm white, she is black and we've 2 bi-racial infants. We by no skill heard one racist remark approximately our being at the same time till we moved up North.

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    Because the Republican Party and Democratic Party don't look anything like they did 30 years ago, let alone 150 years ago. Let's not pretend that the "party of Lincoln" would have him if he were alive today.

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    Sure it can. The Confederacy was the ultimate seditious and treasonous act a group could do against its government. The flag is being flown and propagated by those that claim the opposite.

    Students of history, they are not.

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    Answer writes: "In the 1960's the two parties seemed to switch members after Lyndon Johnson signed the civil rights laws. "

    Lie. The Democrats mainly stayed within the fold of the Democratic party.

  • 10 years ago

    I don't think that was a wise gambit.

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