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Can't remember the title and/or author of a book I read, can anyone help?

It was a type of fantasy book set in a cold snow covered world. The people who lived there used "fire rocks", rocks they burned to stay warm. These rocks had to be found by seers of sorts, always men. Only a few people had this power to find the fire rocks so they have formed a type of council, and are very important to their communities. The main character is the first woman to be able to find fire rocks as well. Because she is a woman, the men do not want to believe she has this power and try to kill her. She escapes to a town no one knows about and falls in love but realizes she is avoiding her destiny. So she goes and confronts the council, who give her a test that she passes. I checked this book out of a library, and it was in the adult fiction section towards the front. So I would assume the author to have a last name ranging A-D or so. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it!

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    Into the Darkness (World at War, Book 1) (Mass Market Paperback)

    by Harry Turtledove (Author) "Ealstan's master of herblore droned on and on about the mystical properties of plants..." (more)

    Editorial Reviews Review

    Harry Turtledove is known for his alternate histories; from The Guns of the South to The Great War: American Front, he's practiced at imagining the ways society would have changed if various things had been different in history. Sometimes it's a key figure surviving (or dying); other times it's a strange new variable, like aliens landing during World War II. With Into the Darkness, Turtledove investigates a new wrinkle in this successful field: What if a world war were fought using magic?

    Although Into the Darkness doesn't take place on Earth, the characters are humans, and they react in plausible ways. In fact, the uses of magic for political ends are eerily similar to the ways weapons have been used to wage cold wars in our own world. And as the magic grows more powerful, the destructive cost of war to the people of Derlavai grows as well. This is no enchanting fantasy world where kindly old wizards use their magic to kill dragons and save fair maidens. Turtledove has envisioned a place where the humans are decidedly political and greedy, and where magic is just a way of getting what you want. --Adam Fisher --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

    From Publishers Weekly

    War is hell and its chaos is a precarious foundation for supporting the sprawl of this epic fantasy. Paralleling the approach of his bestselling alternative histories, Turtledove (Guns of the South, the Worldwar series, etc.) imagines a civilization reminiscent of medieval Europe, save that sorcery is an accessible power harnessed for military use. In the land of Derlavai, armies tap the energy of ley lines for firepower, train dragons to drop incendiary eggs and commandeer leviathans for submarine warfare. Troubles begin when the armed forces of Algarve invade the kingdom of Forthweg to reclaim territories partitioned from them a generation before. Neighboring Unkerlant follows suit, occupying the remainder of Forthweg and competing with Algarve for control of the balkanized duchies drawn into the fray. Turtledove builds a panoramic narrative from the experiences of a cast of hundreds intended to represent a cross-section of Derlavian society, including inexperienced student Ealstan, sensible foreign minister Hajjaj, decadent marchioness Krasta, noble officer Rather, and Vanai, a descendant of the fallen Kaunian culture whose pervasive presence throughout Derlavai lends events an aura of fatalism. Cogently rendered scenes in which these and other characters display the extremes of cowardice and heroism induced by life during wartime give the novel a Tolstoyan sweep, yet never gel into anything resembling a cohesive plot. Dizzying shifts of viewpoint capture the convulsive character of combat but make allegiances hard to keep straight. Even the spectacular war scenes, described with frontline immediacy, become repetitive and generic. Like the casualties that crowd its pages, this novel sometimes seems a victim of overly complicated designs. Author tour.

    Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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    It looks like a Dean R. Koontz e book to me. this is been awhile considering I genuinely have examine or reread any of his books so i'm uncertain. the information you supplies sounds so common.... extra Koontz than S. King. i visit work out what i'm able to discover in my library... good success.

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    Winter of Fire by Sherryl Jordan

    Elsha, a young girl who is one of the branded people destined to mine coal for the ruling class, experiences strange visions that cause her to be condemned to death until she is chosen to be Handmaiden to a powerful Firelord.

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