my mouse is doing all kinds weirds stuff?

tt isn't gthereoing where i say or it just sits just that sentence for example - i was sayig it isn't going ere i say, then all of a sudden it will end up somewhere else in the sente'h nce just this moment i was writing 'sentence; had to erase a letter and it jumped to sentence above" going ere i say" well there was a 'h' and it wrote over it then a moment later it jumped into ' where i was writing ' "going ere i say" it went in and started rewriting over .... also most times my 'page up &page down" "home & end" don't work. sometimes i open a page and can't see the bottom, it will not let me hold left button and drag it up, it just jumps back in place and there are no schrols for me to move

where can i find short cuts or tricks that my keyboard does. it is a emachine E525. do you know where i can get a more indepth manual than the 4 pages, 1 in english and others in ?


the mouse is jumping tp various places which i have not assigned it to gol i will be in the middle of an sentance and look uo and it has mova line or soed to another line or another spot on same line i am typing on, therefore sometimes i think i am finishing the email only to find out " that little mouse joker" has my finishing words, anywhere from 4 lines up to perhalps beginning of ending sentence I hope this helps explain it better.,,, sorry for the confusion on your end, just imagine how it is on my end!!!!!!! ha ha

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ok, I officially have no idea what any of that says

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Just change the mouse, if that doesn't helps it's probably a virus.

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