Cant get certain channels on Updated TV?

I have basic cable but now basic cable is consider channels 2 thru 30 ( which is total BS and a ripoff from comcast)But have a led tv with a digital thing built in.But as of last week i couldnt get some channels like espn and cartoonnet work. (missing the play offs >:( ). They charge an additional $30 per box just to get what was considered basic cable a year ago.

I have an Olevia 46' and whn i do auto channel search it just stops at a certain number. Anybody have the same problems or know how to get around the problem?

Im thinking of switching to satellite overall becuase these cable companies are scam artists


@mike i know it has a reasonable reason behind it but it still sucks lol. its like im paying $80 a month for internet.Dont get me wrong the comcast internet is super fast but i cant pay a arm and a leg just for basic channels (3 more channels). And the guy that set up my cable and internet said the same thing you said lol.

For now im just gonna look for deals comcast have

But its weird how cartoonnetwork and my espns just stop working even with a digital updated tv

Update 2:

@Nunya Bisness

I dont have fastest internet im paying 40 for internet and 40 for basic cable which is channels 2 through 30 it will be an additional $30 to the bill for "extended basic" cable

And im saying its dumb for me to pay $30 more a month plus getting the boxxes for 4 rooms just for an additional 3 channels.

Like the man told me i just have to find a deal but i cant stay with comcast for long term because eventually when the 9 to 12mnth deal is up id be paying $200 + for basic and normal internet

Update 3:


your not understanding me

I already have all the cable channels without the box because all my tv's are updated besides the 3 channels i watch the most

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    I'm not trying to be a smarta** here, but I wonder if you really understand the price structures Comcast offers. I'm not a Comcast customer, so don't have first-hand knowledge, but I just don't believe they charge $30 per box. Cox has a starter digital package for around $44/month for one box, plus $5/month for each additional box.

    If you subscribe to the very fastest internet package available, $80/month is reasonable, and some people need that much speed. Most don't, which is why cable companies offer different tiers of service. Going back to Cox, they have a package for $20/month. That's what I was paying for dial-up service in 1995.

    You describe $200/month for three TVs (with not a lot of channels), plus internet. At that price the competition would eat them alive.

    Now I want to address the Comcast installer:

    "It's FCC mandate that cable companies substantially limit their analog RF frequencies to free up bandwidth for RF radio operators and such." >> WRONG! The FCC has not mandated that cable operators use digital at all, they do it by choice. They can offer advanced services and more channels with digital, but the FCC doesn't care about that. The FCC only mandates that operators perform proof-of-performance tests, give customers an average of 10 dBmV of signal at the customer demarcation, carry local broadcasters unencrypted, and keep leakage below acceptable levels. Cable is a closed system, so has NOTHING AT ALL to do with " RF radio operators and such". Radio operates over the airwaves, not through a cable plant.

    "And those fast Internet speeds would not be possible with all the bandwidth being sucked up by RF. 3 analog channels equal one digital." >> If that was true, cable would be better off with all analog. You're saying that on digital channel requires 18 MHZ of bandwidth. That much spectrum could easily carry 6 HD channels, or around 30 SD channels. And ALL of the signal on a cable plant is RF. ALL OF IT! Digital or analog, it's all carried on RF carriers.

    "And all of Comcast digital frequencies are encrypted so generic TV digital tuners can't decrypt the digital frequencies. This prevents people from buying a new TV and ripping off all the good channels without paying." >> Again, WRONG! Cable companies have to offer local broadcasters in clear QAM, so any TV with a QAM tuner can receive them without a converter. The FCC regulations on must-carry state, in part: "Pursuant to Section 614(b)(7) and 615(h), the operator of a cable system is required to ensure that signals carried in fulfillment of the must-carry requirements are provided to EVERY subscriber of the system..." Must-carry regulations apply to local broadcasters.

    I'm surprised Comcast doesn't train you guys better. In case you're wondering, I have many years in the cable industry under my belt. I've been an installer, data tech, service tech, system tech, and technical trainer. I hold many certifications from SCTE, NCTI, and others. I know cable frontwards and backwards.

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    Those channels have been taken away from analog, to free bandwidth for more channels, especially HD.

    You need a digital box to get them, simple as that. Satellite will also require box, for each TV at that.

    $30 more for an upgrade to the extended basic programming package is a far cry for $30 per box.

    You will aslo get a whole lot than three more channels, despite only those three having value for you.

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    it is on interior the morning's on Channel 4 and E4 or E4+a million (next channel after E4 - 1hour later) it is all-stay, yet does decrease out the swearing, it even shows them drowsing at like 4am, so in case you're chuffed watching somebody sleep seek for E4.

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    cant get 3-6-12-23-49 certain time of day

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