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Can I bring my computer printer as a carry-on on flight?

I am flying home from college and I need to bring my printer home but I do not have the proper box to send it and I do not want it to get damaged and knocked around. Am I allowed to have a printer/scanner in my carryon as long as its within the size and weight limits?

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    Sure you can, as long it's within size and weight limits. Full sized electronics need to removed from whatever you're carrying it in and placed separately in a plastic tray for x-ray, just like a laptop. The TSA mentions full sized electronics on this webpage (scroll down):

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    If the printer is within the size and weight, there shouldn't be any problem

    anyway, if you put it in your bag, no one know except security.

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    Well, there isn't any rules against it. But you might get a few weird looks if they open the bag. But yes, you should be able to get it in the carry-on. Of course, it has to be in the dimensions that the airlines allow.


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    i'm interior the comparable situtation. i would be examining in a foreign country and that i truthfully do no longer want to purchase a clean printer. i want to take plates, forks and cups with me lol and that i truthfully want to take my printer with me, yet its somewhat massive. with any luck we are able to.

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