automatic 455 doorman garage door?

I have an automatic 455 doorman garage door, it came with the house. I cannot find any websites for this company. I need a garage door opener. What would be the most compatible one?

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    I believe that Automatic Doorman is one of the brands that is out of business in our industry, so there is probably no website for them. If you will use the search term, "Automatic Doorman," you will find a lot of people with your same questions.

    The best choice is to replace this system, as it is probably out of code and does not comply with the UL325 standard for safety. A new electric opener costs anywhere from $150 to $500, plus installation labor.

    However, you can get remote controls for it. Call any garage door parts company and ask them for an "external receiver" with power adapter and a couple of transmitters. This should cost you less than $100. It will come with instructions on how to mount it to your system. These units are compatible with any brand. If you have one of those automobiles with a built-in garage door transmitter, ask for an external receiver that is "home link" compatible.

    Good luck!

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    Doorman Garage Doors

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    need a v belt for that model

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