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how to make close friends?

I have a lot of okay friends but i really want some close friends. But im also the person at lunch who jumps around from group to group. The thing is, i really don't fit in anywhere. I like doing crazy things but i dont wanna do drugs. I like shopping and doing girly things, but im a tomboy. I like looking good, but i dislike having to wear make-up. I was wondering how i could make some closer friends. i'm almost 15 and i feel like i need a BFF.

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    To be close friends, you need someone who shares

    common interests with you. Someone who you can

    trust and share personal things without worry.

    Start doing the things you enjoy the most and see who

    is doing the same. Start expressing your opinions

    on things and see who has a common thought with

    what you think. To have a close friend, you have to

    show you can be one, also. Be interested in what

    they say, do, think, and enjoy. Ask others to do

    things with you, like shopping, cooking, sports, or

    anything that is enjoyable to you. Be flexible in

    what you are looking for in a don't want

    a stick in the mud. Have fun...the more fun you have and

    the more you do...the more others will want to be with


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    were the same.. i've been hopping atleast 2 tables this year and 3 groups. I've come from very popular towards okay popular. just find the people who you can geniunely laugh with. then you'll know. trust me, im in good hands now.

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    All are pals and people.... Theres not something distinction between touch and genuine pals... each and every pals we meet as a Stranger and then we get to comprehend... does not count however if its on line or genuine... All are comparable ;) a minimum of internet pals are greater sympathy on us than the pals in genuine existence..

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    Target a few people to hang out with and talk to them, or text them if you have a phone, go shopping with them, invite them over, stuff like that!

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    i dont think youll ever have any friends until you loose some weight

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    start chilling with 1 group of people........

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