why are bacterial infections in the bone difficult to treat with antibiotics?

Hip replacement surgeries as well as other bone replacement or bone pinning operations are notorious as a source of bacterial infections that are intractable to antibiotic treatment. In two or three sentences, speculate on why this is the case.

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  • 10 years ago
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    How is an antibiotic going to reach the site of an infection? Through the blood. What kind of blood supply is there to a bone, such as the femoral head (a common site of hip relacement surgeries). What if the single blood supply is interrupted because of a clean break through the femoral head? In a case like that, very little blood is reaching the area, and tissue death can result (avascular necrosis) and nothing can help tissue once it has died. An extreme example, but in each case it would be all about adequate blood supply to the area of a bone infection, or the lack thereof.

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