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Is this a sad story or what.?

This a true story, In 1382, King Louis I of Hungary and Poland died leaving his 11 year old daughter Mary as the first female monarch of Hungary (under the guardianship of her mother Elizabeth) and her 9 year old sister Hedwiga as the first female monarch of Poland.

Mary's reign was filled with turmoil as many nobles opposed the succession of a woman. Her uncle King Stephan of Bosnia also financed rebellions against her rule. The nobles made Charles III King of Naples their king after deposing Mary and Elizabeth, who were left crying.Charles had just deposed his aunt Queen Joanna of Naples and had her strangled. Queen Elizabeth had Charles murdered and restored her daughter as Queen. But in 1387 she was kidnapped with her daughter and strangled before her daughter's eyes by the Horyat brothers on the orders of Charles's widow Margaret. Mary was held prisoner until her husband Sigismund rescued her in June 1387. She then ruled with him as co-ruler but the marriage was not happy as he cheated on her constantly and as the nobles supported by her uncle kept rebelling. She died alongside her child in a horse riding accident in 1395 at age 24

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    Yes, it is sad and depressing and disturbing.

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