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Good Nicki Minaj songs?! (:?

If there are any Big Nicki Minaj Fans out there, Can you please tell me what songs are really good by her? The only songs that i know are "Go hard", "Can anybody hear me" "Massive Attack" And, "Your love" and i love them! Any other real good songs by her? I wanna listen to more of her. I Love her !

No haters. k? Thankss (:

BQ: Favorite singer? Band? (:

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    5 Star ***** - Yo Gotti Gucci Mane, Trina, & Nicki

    BQ: Mac Dre(Thizz In Peace)

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    Baddest B*tch.

    Sweet Dreams Remix.

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    1 decade ago

    Autobiography & Can anybody hear me & your love & Girlfriend. That's in the order from best to least. And Ella is right..Nicki Mianj

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    Good and Nicki Minaj don't belong in the same sentence.



    Band- Bloc Party

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    "good nicki manaj songs" im pretty sure thats an oxymoron

    Band : Metallica

    Singer : Rob Halford

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    there is too many for me to decide for. i admire her cutting-edge stuff from her new album "Roman Reloaded" yet i admire "computerized" from it yet I definitely have a lot of faves. yet i don't understand why people do in comparison to her, I advise she takes time to checklist songs, to write down them...this is merely like countless different singer.

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    1 decade ago

    this isnt' her song but she's in it

    its called 5 star bitchh or something

    bq; I have wayy to many

  • Am I the only one who does not know who this chick is?!

  • 1 decade ago

    I like her song "Baddest B*tch"

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