I had a Michael Myers Dream last night?

I don’t have dreams often, well ones that I remember. I had a dream I went to this place with some friends. Expect I didn’t know them, but I knew them in my dream. There were cots set out of everyone to sleep. The room was big. About the size of a high school lunch room. The wall were you head would have been facing if you were sleeping, looked like jail cells. It was two floors. I remember telling my friend, Don’t want to be here. He come out when everyone is sleep.

That I was there with my ex before. (I think I might have had the dream, but that would have been back in 04 or 05.) Anyway this guy who worked there took me out the back door. It was all grass with two gorilla/ grizzly bear type of animals running around. This was at night.

Anyway I am at this house. Its weird there are people, they look real but they are dummies. One is right by the front door bent over. Her arms are dangling, her fingers almost touching the ground. I walk inside and its messy. Things are all over the place. I come to this door and I was about to open it. I stop my self, I hear a noise. It sounded like someone was using a hose. It sounded like it was the basement. I go put stairs had the next thing I know is I am in this bedroom. I am hiding behind this bed. Near a window.

I hear this lady she is a older lady about 65-70. She is standing in the door way to enter the room. She said something but I don’t remember what she said. Then Michael Myers is next to her. I make a noise. I didn’t mean too. I was holding a cat. A black cat. The cat was sweet. I make the cat jump on the bed. The old lady said it was just the kiddy. Michael Myers walks over and looks. I am still hiding by the bed, I could hid my self well because of the mess. Next thing I go, is I am out side in the parking lot. I get in his van. it’s a messy van.

I guess I am trying to get in a car to hid my Michael Myers. I hid under the van seat and call 911. I think Michael Myers find me as soon as I hit the call button for 911. Then I wake up. I don’t think I was all that scared in my dream how ever.

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    Maybe he's just one of the serial killers from the movies you were REALLY scared of as a kid.

    When I was a kid I used to have dreams of him, he's my favorite serial killer from the movies and he scared the sh*t out of me when I was a kid. I had dreams that he wanted to kill my family and I'd say "Yeah lets do it" than when he turned his back I sunk my butcher knife in his back. See, he tried to kill my family and thought he'd be frightening enough for me to do it, than I'd take his life. That's how I got over my fear of him as a kid.

    But read my first sentence, about maybe you were just really scared of him.

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  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    ok, i will anticipate you're being honest, even however this is published in elegance and charm. besides, all of us have loopy objectives. objectives are deeper strategies. considering the fact which you have seen Halloween, you have been merely processing it. this is merely a action picture. he's a fictionally character that has no foundation quite. The M on your candle is merely a formation, and sheer accident. you're having intense stress. expensive, talk over with somebody in guy or woman. i'm particular you would be secure and no, no fictional action picture serial killers will come and get you.

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  • 10 years ago

    If he comes in your dreams once... he's gonna come again. I didn't really see an actual question in there. You'll be fine

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  • 10 years ago

    Was he in his Austin Powers get-up?

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