Environmental Engineer or Medical Scientist?

Environmental Engineer or Medical Scientist?

One friend is studying Environmental Engineering and the other is studying biological science at Med School. I wonder though which one would have a more impact on society and which profession just sounds cooler? Which one seems like it's prestigious?

I know in the end it doesn't matter but I was just curious as to what people think when they hear about these two professions? Any thoughts?

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    Environmental engineer... u get tons of money for no job at all... impressively cool... i think google rates it the top 5 most paying jobs in the world... every corporate has to have an environmental engineer to show that they care to the entire world...

  • 5 years ago

    There are a host of engineering type jobs related to the medical, forensic, and investigative fields. Someone has to design, maintain and operate all that elaborate equipment you see on TV shows. Most of it is electronic and computer engineering, which can involve some very advanced math. In addition, when it comes to identity and matching algorithms very advance statistical models are employed. For when an expert or a computer matches fingerprints, it is not the whole print but a number of swirls which match. Even DNA testing is has a statistical error and false positive probability. So your love of math can be put to good use in many ways. One of the difficulties in choosing a career is lack of information of the types of jobs that may be available. My advice would be to write letters to organizations such as the FBI, CIA, Home Land Security and tell them of your interests and ask for advise on the types of positions that may be available and what type of a degree is required. Also you could write or stop by your local hospital and talk to those who maintain and operate the medial equipment. Take notes on who manufactures the equipment. After doing some research on line of those which interest you, write letters asking about design and development positions. Although I think there should be a big career data base with all available careers listed that anyone could query to find interesting and novel careers, but there isn't one. We are all left on own to choose from the little we encounter in our everyday lives or see on TV. You may even try writing to the writers and producers of some your favorite TV show and ask where they get their scientific information. Good luck The PracticaL Mentor

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