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Usaa auto insurance question on updating info.?

On my page I just want to update my information.

It says to'' update on current status for competitive rates''

I am no longer enlisted and on TDRL '' medically retired'' list now. I was wondering If my insurance policy would go up or down.


Im not on the site at the moment so asking yahoo answers. So dont tell me to ask usaa members on thx

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  • Rodger
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    It shouldn't affect your rates at all, though where you are now living might, as geographic rate variances are common in car insurance.

    Thanks for your service.

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    Rodger is absolutely right. Being active duty, retired in any way or discharged has nothing to do with your premium rate. Have been active duty or a family member is what allows you the access of being with USAA.

    We used to be with USAA but we got a better premium rate with Geico. We have 3 cars with Full Coverage with $500.00 deductable and then we have higher liability then most because we have two teenagers that drive.

    The two lowest costing Ins. Companies I've found is USAA and Geico.

    Have a great day and thank you for your dedicated service.

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    the only change has been when we moved from countries or state to the USAA now has things open to active and retired members I would not see you policy changing until such time as you move.

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    You can compare how the insurance quotes would change, for example here -

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