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how do I stop a mastubation/sexual addiction?

I just turned 18 and ever since I was about 13 Ive felt the compulsive need to masturbate. at first it wasnt so bad ya know i was young i enjoyed it now after the age of like 17 i started to worry a lil bit now its gotten to a point i dont like sometimes i feel the need to be in the bedroom for like 4 hours doing u know what. when im horny im someitmes go on the computer and, ive had people offer to come over sometimes i say yes and right when that happens before i give my address im dont masturbating. which is a relieif, im a virgin and i want to stay that way till i find my true love. but sometimes i worry that its going to get to much and one of these days i will let someone over and it will happen. anyone have a sexual/masturbation addiction and overcame it if so how did u do it and how long did it take. thank u and plz no stupid comments this is a real problem im having

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    I feel for you. You are right, who ever says masturbation is good is dumb !!!. You have heard of phrase "Misery Loves Company".... There are old farts and stupid people here that are addicted and would love nothing better than spoiling another.

    To be fair, like anything, over masturbation is very harmful. In the short run, it will not be bad. But the problem with masturbation is ... it is like drinking, smoking ... it is addictive. Since it is very accessible for self, it becomes a habit pretty soon.

    For quitting, you need the strength. Strength from understanding the progression and effects. Being aware of these it gives you the resolve to seek a solution. Have patience and read below. I will provide effects of over masturbation and some solutions to overcome the same.

    Look no one can help you other than yourself. Think of what masturbation makes you do and what effects it has on you. Once you become used to your hand pressure, the speed and feel ... it is almost impossible to enjoy regular sex. Nothing can be as intensive in the beginning. However, soon this alone is not enough and you need more motivation. As much as you try, body is used to the feeling, and will push you and consume you. In order to get relief, mostly people become daring. Some become exhibitionists, some seek sex on line with strangers and expose themselves to all sort of risk. For sometime however, this is also thrilling. But soon this is not enough. Where do you go from here? To seek relief you will masturbate more and more, but get smaller relief.

    Over years of masturbation, the sensitivity to hand decreases. One's penis shrinks both in length and in girth. There have been post after post here with people, some in teens that have erection issues, with ejaculation and inability to experience normal sex after some years of addiction to masturbation.

    I am sure no one in their right mind would seek to be in this position.

    You are intelligent as asking the right question is half way to the solution. Once again you are your own best friend and can help most.

    Whenever you feel the urge to masturbate, don't be alone. No matter what time or the situation is, go to an area where other people are. Try to help with their work. Seek to have conversation. If no one is available - go walking, running, swimming, biking, work out ..... Listen to music. Develop habit of reading and / or an hobby. Go to the library and learn about it as much as possible. This way you become the expert and have something to talk about with others. This will make you feel achieved and help take mind off of masturbation.

    Read biographies of some of the people that achieved incredible things even under extremely challenging conditions. I would suggest Gandhi, Lincoln, Franklin and many such. You will see how they overcame incredible odds to achieve. Nothing could stop them. Let their experience be your guide. Let it be light in your dark hours.

    You should also think about Yoga, Pranayama and/or meditation (Breathing exercises) All of these are known to calm you down, reduce stress and give you strength to focus. Breathing exercises especially help breathe in and retain oxygen the life giver for all cells. This alone has been shown to take away many of the psychological problems. See brain is like a muscle. You need to control it. Mind is incredibly powerful if you know how to use it. Meditation teaches you how to control the brain and focus on what you want to achieve.

    Some say you can start reducing number of times you masturbate over time. This is tough and may not work. I would say, determine that you will not masturbate for a month say. No matter what do not masturbate in that period. Then may be once and again go back to the resolution period where you will not masturbate, no matter what. This way you will develop confidence in yourself.

    Good luck,

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    I'm no doctor, but it does sound like from this description that it may be an addiction. Sexual addiction is a real thing, and you should seek help for it. Look into counseling or even a psychiatrist for help. It is very hard to overcome. I don't want to be a downer, but if it is that, it's something that will take a lot of work. Also if you are religious, ask whoever you believe in for help. Do whatever you can to stop. Hopefully you can find a healthy balance.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    how do I stop a mastubation/sexual addiction?

    I just turned 18 and ever since I was about 13 Ive felt the compulsive need to masturbate. at first it wasnt so bad ya know i was young i enjoyed it now after the age of like 17 i started to worry a lil bit now its gotten to a point i dont like sometimes i feel the need to be in the bedroom for...

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    You first need to stay away from sex sites on your PC.

    It will make it harder on you not to invite a person over and then loose what you still want to keep for the love of your live.

    And that you masturbate is totally normal for a person your age.

    So don't worry about that

    Find a hobby to replace the addiction of the web sex sites.

    Go swim play football hang out with guy friends:just about anything to keep you on the right path

    Success with that


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    There is a tremendous amount of hidden mind manipulation within many sexual presentations disguised as regular sexual attraction. Becoming familiar with them and the methods to free oneself from these unwanted intrusive elements is important. They are written in the book which I mention in the below sources section.

    in addition I have a yahoo group on sexual addiction at:

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    the problem with it is you can't do it without think and fantasizing about having sex, it does stop the insanity like you said, you dont make contact and continue your day, stay off porn sites and fill your mind with good stuff not junk. its driving you your not driving it.

    if its a release issue that can save you from giving in, try without perverted thoughts to empty it. that is a hard task, but then you'd be in charge of it, instead of it calling you.

    stay pure, take this 60 day free course, "way of purity" its on setting captives free web site. it really works. you can overcome this. I did.

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  • 5 years ago

    the main thing that causes you to masturbate is just your mind it s because when you did it for the first time you felt good and your brain kept that memory so any time you think about it you wanna do it again and when you do it over a period of time you form the habit and that s when get s hard to quite but i have a very good solution that helped me out on my way to quite (i was like you for 3 years but now i have quit) was this:

    whenever you feel like doing it again it s because you thought about it and if you try to redirect your thoughts and try to focus on something else you would then be able to stop yourself from doing it but redirecting your thoughts could be a real challenge sometimes specially when you have a strong desire to do it you don t even like to redirect your thought so my suggestion is to do sth that really requires your focus and your concentration such as a game or play like suduko or something that you know will entertain you and try to replace that leisure activity with masturbation .that way whenever you thought of masturbating you will instantly think of sth much funner to do and hopefully you will forget about masturbating .

    good luck

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    It's totally normal for boys and men to masturbate once a day. Maybe have a girl round and have some fun, like giving head or hand job instead of losing your virginity. I think you're good for having morals and you sound like a genuinley nice guy <3 :)

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