STIMULUS WASTE - Whats your favorite example so far?

My choice is #30 - Exit Polling Africa!

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    Saving the mice in the Bay Area of California.

    In Texas we exterminate our mice.

    I read all of them and I can't choose between.

    # 7. Program to Control Home Appliances From a Remote Location ($787,250)

    {Are we really going to let the Government control our utilities usage?}

    17. Buffalo Residents Paid to Keep Daily Journal of Malt Liquor and Marijuana Use ($389,357)

    {I need a job. Do you suppose there is a drug screen? LOL}

    31. Contemporary Art Sculpture: A Series of Giant Tubes ($13,000)

    {I have a can of spray paint and some PVC. I would sell cheaply. $10,000.}

    33. Study on "Hookup" Behavior of Female College Coeds ($219,000)

    {Which MAN dreamed this one up? LOL}

    40. Martini Bar and Brazilian Steak House Remodeling ($100,000)}

    {People gotta party!}

    44. Fish Food ($50 million)

    {Haven't they always fed themselves. Welfare for fish! LOL}

    47. College Students Visit Costa Rica for Summer Studies ($564,635)

    49. California Gets Money to Upgrade Computer System . . . Twice ($60 million)

    {What happened the first time?}

    50. Arizona Ants Work While Some Arizonans Remain Unemployed ($950,000)

    {Are ants worth more than the people?}

    51. Study On Why Young Men Do Not Like Condoms ($221,355)

    {To easy to answer without a study}

    54. Arkansas Teachers to Attend Education Conference ($413,124

    will focus on answering the question: ―What do we do when students do not learn?

    {If they need $413,124.00 to answer this question we should ALL home school.}

    56. Homeland Security Funds Assist Boat Tours of Alcatraz ($50,783)

    58. “Math and Literacy Coaches” for North Carolina Teachers ($4.4 million)

    {Why don't they hire educated teachers like everyone else?}

    59. OSU Professor to Study Alaska Native Grandparents ($1.1 million)

    {Can I study my Grandparents? I know them best.}

    61. Methamphetamines and the Female Rat Sex Drive . . . ($30,000)

    {Rats its only mice}

    64. Wastewater Treatment Center with “Talking Water Gardens” ($8 million)

    {Will they talk sweetly to cover the stench?}

    67. Colorado Climbing Gym Gets Renewable Energy Grant for Solar Panels ($157,800)

    {I guess it is who you know}.

    75. Contracts Awarded to Firms Suspended for Suspected Fraud ($30 million)

    {But they are my friends!}

    77. Fire Station without Firefighters ($2 million)

    {Real genius!}

    79. Money for Lighthouse Repairs on Uninhabited Island (Nearly $1.5 million)

    {If it saves 1 life in the next 100 years.........}

    80. College with Teachers “Unqualified to Teach in Their Fields” Receive Millions ($31.3 million)

    {Is this your child's teacher?}

    81. Brooklyn Slumlord Gets Share of Stimulus Funds ($270,000)

    {It really is who you know!}

    82. Protecting against Carpet Beetles ($187,632)

    Carpet beetles are nibbling away at the insect collection at Michigan State University, but a $187,632 stimulus grant is expected to combat these pesky creatures

    83. Indiana Sending Half of Weatherization Funds to Politically Active Builders Group ($66 million

    {Who would have guessed!}

    84. Pedestrian Bridge Few Will Use ($80,000)

    {But 1 person will be happy.}

    86. Dance Troupe to Weatherize Homes in Washington, D.C. ($935,000)

    {Need a job? Get a grant!}

    87. SBA Loan Program Expects 60 Percent Default Rate ($255 million)

    {Screwed without KY}

    88. Removing Lead Paint from a Pedestrian Bridge ($3.5 million)

    {Why don't they have a paint scraping party for the town?}

    90. Global Warming Field Trip to Copenhagen for 11 Students ($49,818)

    {Paying for the rich kids vacations!}

    92. Ohio Town to Turn Railroad Crossings into “Quiet Zone” ($800,000)

    {Turn down that whistle!}

    96. Museum Receives Geothermal Grant after Hosting Stimulus Signing Ceremony ($2.6 million)

    {Obama scratched his back}

    98. Bureaucratic Bungling Slows Homeless Prevention Grants in Nevada ($4.1 million)

    {They don't care!}

    99. Learning to Cooperate by Observing Birds ($90,000)

    {Who will this benefit?}

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  • Nice link. Hard to pick a favorite with so many needless projects

    A study to see why guys don't like condoms?

    A study to see if drinking makes college women hook up easier?

    We already know the answer to these questions.

    I have to go with the 2 billion given to landlords to fix their income properties.

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    I like #12 the broadband map that will be outdated when it is completed for 350 million

    Source(s): May God Bless you and keep us all safe from the progressive axis of evil,0bama,Pel0si&Reid
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  • Quan
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    1 decade ago

    Spending money on those signs that let people know that it was stimulus money that was used to fixed this road.

    That was just stupid. Those signs cost millions.

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    $1.15 million for installation of a new guardrail for the non-existent Optima Lake in Oklahoma. There is no lake - it’s a dry hole.

  • ss794
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    1 decade ago

    The money that went to made up cities.

  • 1 decade ago

    Their website where they track the spending for us all to see.

    It's full of misinformation and just plain wrong.

    And it costs millions to run.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Obama administration.~

    2.6 million to study the drinking habits of Chinese hookers.~

  • BShaps
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    1 decade ago

    1. In almost all your examples they are making energy efficient changes which will allow us to lessen our foreign dependence on oil, so not a bad thing.

    2. The point of the stimulus was to spend a ton of money so that people could keep their jobs/create new ones. They had to spend a ton of money really fast so some projects aren't going to be the greatest, but they still help save jobs, so it isn't a waste.

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