Is there really more historical evidence for Jesus existing than Julius Caesar?

I have had Christian friends telling me there is more evidence for Jesus than for Julius Caesar. It seems quite a strong claim to make. Anyone care to support or challenge this statement?

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    For Jesus we have the eye witness accounts of the Apostles which they committed to writing, we have the written accounts of Paul the former Jew called Saul,then we have the accounts from the very early church fathers and also of Josephus in his epic study of the History of the Jews.

    Much of Caesar's life is known from his own Commentaries (Commentarii) on his military campaigns, and other contemporary sources such as the letters and speeches of his political rival Cicero, the historical writings of Sallust, and the poetry of Catullus. Many more details of his life are recorded by later historians, such as Appian, Suetonius, Plutarch, Cassius Dio and Strabo.

    All in all the evidence pans out about the same amount and yet people accept the evidence for Caesar and conveniently castigate the evidence for Jesus,this surely is wrong and and pure bias.

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    It's a bizarre claim in that it is factually inaccurate. There is substantial primary as well as secondary evidence that is regarded as trustworthy and accurate for Caesar, and very, very little for Jesus.

    The correct version of this claim relates to Alexander the Great - we have no primary evidence for the existence of Alexander, all the writings about him are hearsay. The evidence we can gather about Alexander's life and activities is vast but all secondary at best. The only real evidence other than occasional mentions of Jesus are clearly exaggerated accounts in the bible. Given the fantastical claims in the bible, it's a matter of opinion whether any of it can be trusted.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes There is

    1st . When We cast out Demons In Jesus Name

    2nd.The Holy spirit That the world will never understand

    they all existed (like Jesus, Mohamed,Buddha,and their disciples)

    But Jesus alone healed the sick cast out demons and called the dead out of their Graves and when demons see him they Screamed "Jesus the son of the living God What Do u have with us Dont Hurt Us.."

    But All others Are Thives And Liers Jesus Alone Is The Truth But Its A Choice for you You have to know em all and choose for ur self...! My Choice cant help u Bro

    AND most of all He is not just a prophet Have u seen a prophet Die and Rose Again?

    But Jesus and Only Jesus Rose From The Dead

    So i choose he is different than all who claim

    and he said "im the way the truth and the life No one Cometh to the father but by Me"

    All this Is As Its Written All existed but Jesus is Just Powerful to Remain Dead

    And He Opend the Way to the father by sacrificing him self for all of human kind

    so Jesus is an individual but he was lord in flesh so he said "the son of Man"

    so Christianity is Following The Christ Who is Jesus the Son Of God Its Not Joining Pentecostal or catholic Groups Its Following This Wonderful Jesus In Everyday life and live the truth

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    There is absolutely no evidence to suggest an historical Jesus, just reports of Christians, references to works that don`t exist, a Holy Book or two and of course the odd forgery in Josephus.

    There are plenty of coins with Julius Caeser`s ugly mug stamped on them.

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  • Mia
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    Whether Jesus existed as an actual person or not we actually have more evidence for Julius Caesar. Unlike Jesus Christ, we know what Caesar looked like and we have words written by Caesar himself and words written by both his friends and his enemies that are contemporary with the time period in which he lived. The first historical chroniclers mentioning Jesus comes from Josephus (born 37 AD) who wasn't even born until after a historical Jesus if they existed would have died. Thus, they only can offer what others tell them as hearsay. As for the Bible many scholars don't believe its written by Matthew, Luke, Mark, John but that the stories were passed orally then recorded later by scribes. The only large consensus is that the earliest writings came from Paul who never claims to meet Jesus, only to have divine revelations where a supernatural Jesus appears to him.

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    1 decade ago

    Jesus is much more controversial than Julius Caesar.

    Not too many people argue about Julius Caesar.

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    Yes there were only two Major Roman Historians alive during the life of Julius Caesar. Livy and Sallust. This is of course more than enough to prove that he in fact was a real person. But the eight writers of the new testament and hundreds others over the next 200 years and a church on almost every Conner in america is not enough proof that Jesus Christ was a real person. Go figure..

    Rom 1:22 KJV Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, is just more Christian lies, is no real evidence Jesus exist, is much evidence Julius Caesar exist, is absurd make such wrong claim, Christians lie much try support beliefs throughout history.

  • imrod
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    If you admit the religious literature, maybe so. Unfortunately, very few skeptics are willing to recognize early Christian literature in this way. So if you are looking exclusively at sectarian type of documentary evidence than yes there would be more written about a well known first emperor of Rome in secular writings than an obscure itinerant from the boon docks.

  • 7 years ago

    Yes and this video has some of the answers:

    The rest of it can be found in archeological findings and in researching the Shroud of Turin and the latest evidence such as the double x chromosomes(female DNA) consistant with the virgin birth. So yes there is plenty of evidence if you are willing to look for it. There is the sudarium in spain. There are the Letters of Pontius Pilate's wife. The cloth of Edessa and much more. There is evidence of James the Just first Pope in the world who was the brother of Jesus and is mentioned as such. So if there is the brother of Jesus then there has to be Jesus. By far the most convincing though is the Shroud of Turin which science now proves to be real and the Sudarium the face cloth known as hankerchief or napkin in the Gospel of John which fits perfectly in alignment with the face on the shroud and the blood matches both,AB+.

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