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How much does it cost to jack up a ranch home with a full basement to put another row of cinder blocks?

I just bought a ranch home in good condition that was built in the early 1960s. The foundation is 42 feet x 24 feet. It has a full basement with poured concrete on the floor and cinder block foundation for the walls / sides. The problem is, the basement is only about 6 feet (or maybe a few inches +/-) tall, so it is tall enough to slowly (cautiously) walk around in, go down to do laundry, store stuff, etc... But it is not really tall enough to finish off or use it any part of it as an extra "room" in my house. In my dream world, I would just jack up the house and add an extra horizontal row of one more cinder block (or possibly two, although it may look a little strange on the outside of the house if I did two...) around the entire foundation to make the ceilings in the basement higher. All I really want is to be able to finish a small room in the basement so I could put a treadmill and some work out equipment down there. But right now, the ceilings too low to be jumping up and down on a treadmill....

I know cinder blocks themselves and a little cement/concrete aren't that expensive, but I would imagine jacking up the house itself would probably be an expensive job. I don't really want to pay too much because I don't plan on being in this house forever, but it would be nice to get some use out of the basement...

Any ideas of what it would cost and how long the job would take? I live in one of the new england states. Thank you!

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    Several Thousand a LOT more.

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    really hard to say from here. you not only need a mason but a plumber and electrician to extend everything in the present basement. but if i had to throw out a number , i would say at least 5-8 thousand dollars...

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