what is a job someone can get in wa state...?

that will look past a few misdemeanors in someones past. i have a boyfriend and he is a really great guy. he is a father of a 3 year old and REALLY needs a job as child support is PILING UP. but he has 3 misdemeanors, 2 being theft 3. but he really is a changed person, and has really learned his lesson. the only reason he even had these thefts was because before he met me he was homeless with his sister and they were living in their car and had no choice. things since then have gotten better for him in his living situation but not his work situation becaue no one can get past the background. i know if he found a job he would be on time everyday and would be an extremely hard worker, does anybody know of a place that will look past his past in washington state??? near des moines, burien perferrably.

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