Army ROTC or West Point?

I've received an AROTC scholarship to a school I really like, which I'm very happy about and which is really awesome. I also, potentially, have West Point as an option. I know this is my decision, and I'm pretty sure I know I want to do already, but I want advice anyway. If someone wants to list pros and cons, that's fine too. Thanks all in advance.

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  • Tom
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    1 decade ago
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    It is a little difficult to provide a meaningful answer to the question Army Rotc or West Point without knowing the University that is being compared to West Point or your aptitude to adapt to and thrive with 24/7 military for four years at West Point.

    Princeton and Army Rotc v West Point is one thing, College of New Jersey and Army Rotc v West Point is an entirely different choice. Princeton Cadets and College of New Jersey Cadets are members of the same Battalion.

    In any event, most people will have a difficult time understanding turning down an appointment to the Naval Academy for the schools you are considering for Army Rotc including most of the Cadets in your battalion, unless the schools have changed since I last answered one of your questions. If you want a career in the military, service academy graduates are disproportionately represented in the higher ranks. Academy grads share a common bond with about 20% of their fellow officers and form a sort of old boy's network within the service. The other 80% don't share this and the results show that it makes a difference. If you plan to serve required time and leave the service, a degree from a service academy is considered right up there with an ivy league degree by most people. If you have not yet declined your offer of appointment to Annapolis, I suggest that you explore the various Navy communities. Click on the program and then within the blue box there is usually an embedded link. There are often additional embedded links within the pop up window. Not all of these, such as Intelligence, are available immediately to a Usna or Nrotc commissioned Ensign but are available on lateral transfer....

    ..... and if nothing else, consider the location of Navy and Marine Bases versus Army bases, most of which are in what are not exactly considered prime locations.

    Good Luck!

  • Lee
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    1 decade ago

    If you are able to attend West Point, I would definitely recommend you go there. The ROTC scholarship may pay for some or most of your schooling, but West Point is 100% free, and you also earn a small stipend while attending. They have a great reputation academically and athletically.

    The ROTC scholarship, for the most part, will grant you more freedoms and time to see your family, and you will have the option to live off campus, which is not allowed at West Point.

    In the end, it's your decision. In my opinion, West Point would be the best option, but you really do need to weigh the pros and cons for yourself and make an educated decision.

    Good luck, and thank you for your intended service :)

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    west point is a highly competitive military academy that is extremely hard to get into. To even be considered, you must have exemplary grades, outstanding leadership, sports, and other school activities. ROTC is for the reserve officers, and is a little bit less intense than west point itself.

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    I think West Point is a very respected school. It also has a nice ring to it. I'm pro West Point. I don't really know My boyfriend has a West Point tee shirt he looks really sexy in too. That may be the reason I am leaning toward it. I dunno, just go to West Pointe.

    PS I am completely aware that this was not very informative at all.

    Source(s): I'm an ex marine
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