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What do these organizations have in common?

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF)

the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA)

and the National Council of La Raza (La Raza) ?

they all share a revolutionary agenda of conquering America's southwest, but they also share common funding sources, notably the Ford and Rockefeller foundations?

These organizations support mass immigration from Mexico and amnesty for illgals....

shoud these groups obtain funding from tax payer money?



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    No we are already swamped with costs of illegals ->A new report from Numbers USA, which advocates for limits on immigration into the United States, says each American paid $330 last year to provide government services for illegal aliens.

    Numbers USA staffer Chad MacDonald said if an amnesty plan becomes law, allowing illegals from coast-to-coast to suddenly establish citizenship, their retirement program will set U.S. taxpayers back an estimated $2.6 trillion.

    In an interview with WND, MacDonald addressed a long list of issues, including the costs of illegal immigration.

    "Last year, every American on the average paid $330 to provide government services for low-education illegal immigrant households," he said. "If amnesty legislation would be passed by Congress, like the proposal from 2007, American taxpayers would have to pay $2.6 trillion in retirement costs to those amnestied illegal aliens."

    MacDonald and a team of volunteers has been following the Tea Party Express, an organization that has been traveling the country staging rallies to protest the high costs of government and advocate for more individual rights and responsibilities. Flyers by the thousands have been given out, he said.

    They need to get their funding from Mexico since this is whom they represent

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    Not true because "La Reconquista" is something the Nativist group the mintuement made up.


    The Minutemen Project and the "La Reconquista" Lie

    Have you ever heard of "La Reconquista"? Odds are, if you aren't a raging bigot or a member of the Minutemen Project, you probably haven't heard of it at all. But perhaps its time to learn about it. After all, notions of "La Reconquista" are being used to fuel racism and promote vigilantism in America.

    You see, La Reconquista is a theory which contends that Mexico and Latin America, at large, are conspiring to conquer the American southwest. However, unlike some other conspiracies, the proponents of La Reconquista offer no piece of evidence to support their accusations other than the fact that many Latin Americans are entering into the country. (Curiously, was the influx of Irish immigrants in the 1860's proof of a secret Irish invasion to conquer America? Oh wait, those guys were bad.)

    Relying on good ole' fashion American xenophobia and redneck bigotry, groups like the Minutemen Project are espousing the notion of "La Reconquista" to get xenophobicaly minded and perhaps bigoted people to support their cause. And what, you may be asking, do the Minutemen people want to do with the people who illegally cross the border into the United States?

    Shoot them, of course!

    Read more:

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    You provided no sources.

    That's BOGUS because La Raza doesn't even support Amnesty.

    Visit their website.

    Q: Does NCLR support an amnesty?

    A: No. NCLR supports a path to citizenship for immigrant workers that requires them to earn permanent status over time. Unlike amnesty – which is an immediate and complete pardon – to earn permanent status an immigrant would have to register with the government, undergo a criminal background check, maintain a clean record, pay all taxes, learn English, and pay a fine to the government. This is very different from an “amnesty.”

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    You mean that "made up conspiracy that Lou Dobbs pushed".

    CNN "conspiracy theorist" Lou Dobbs discredits his network -- one wild claim at a time

    Lou Dobbs has repeatedly used his prime-time CNN show and his radio show to spread discredited theories and wild claims -- his attention to which jeopardizes CNN's credibility. Dobbs has promoted the fringe notions -- labeled "conspiracy theor[ies]" by his own CNN colleagues -- that President Obama has failed to produce a valid birth certificate and that the U.S. government is conspiring to merge the United States with Mexico and Canada in a "North American Union."

    CNN had to express regret over Dobbs' program's use of a hate group's graphic to advance the idea that Mexican immigrants are plotting to retake the American Southwest. And Dobbs was criticized on CNN's Reliable Sources by both a liberal and a conservative guest for his refusal to correct his show's gross overstatement of the number of new leprosy cases in the U.S. (which he had attributed to undocumented immigration).

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    The only thing is common that they have is that they are here to help communities and Americans move forward.

    News for you carnage, that whole mexicans taking over is just racists talking.

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    yes they should , all of those groups help with the education of hispanics mostly through donations , now i know than some anti-immigrants love to whine about the "cost of educating the undocumented" therefor i think it is illogical to be against any of this organizations even for the anti-immigrants .

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    i see you have no links on this question too. sigh

    anyways, as don said. that is a MYTH he is right on the money

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