Diana Michael murder case?

My cousin came to my uncles birthday and shared a little news.My aunts cousin Diana Michael was raped,beaten,murdered, and slaughtered on Dec.9 1988.Her body was found behind the hollywood sign.After 20 years just last week they caught Wayne Phillips Osborne and they are not giving the jury the death penalty option.My aunt is trying to get the death penalty out there because its fair to us.He killed someone so he should be killed.

I was wondering if anyone knew anything else on the case I no my aunt should know it all but I don't have the heart to ask.

Anyone know any Information?

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  • lala
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    1 decade ago
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    I know he kill your aunt ; but asking death penalty ; is bad karma ;;; REVENGE is ugly

  • 4 years ago

    Why ought to the royal kin supply 2 farts in a windstorm if she develop into pregnant or no longer? She develop into no longer married to the prince and develop into no longer a member of the royal kin. She had no formal function in the order of succession at any time. Fayed's theories are not any more desirable than the ravings of a guy with an awl to grind. the truthfully reason the courts pay any interest to him is because he has the dough to pay the legal costs. If he did not, he ought to were slapped down some time previous.

  • 7 years ago

    he was my younger cousin and I grew up with him when I was young. he has a very troubled past. he boke into my house several times after letting him stay a few days. he also broke into his fathers home and our uncles hoses as well. one of his close friends is suspected of murdering my cousin. her body was not found for weeks and after more than 20 years her murder has not been solved.,. her name was lisa rinker. my heart goes to you and your family I never will understand how anyone could do this to someone else so immoral and needlessly

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