Where are all the districts locatated in the Hunger Games?

Like across America?

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    In an interview, Suzanne collins said she tried to keep the locations as vague as possible because she wanted people to imagine. she did say they are not in chronological order across North America

    we do know:

    -The Capitol is in the Rocky Mountains

    - District 12 is in the Appalachian mountains

    - District 4 is on a coast because their industry is fishing

    You have to know what each district produces and then make a guess based on the agriculture of today's America. But Suzanne Collins also said that the futuristic North America would be smaller because of the natural disasters (of which Global Warming was a contributor, she says) that would reduce the size of the continent.

    i love those books sooo much. hope this helps. hopefully Mockingjay will give us a better idea of the locations of the districts, but maybe not.

  • Josie
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    I am not sure if it even says. I think that they are all across America though. It almost seems like they are in a line all leading to the capitol. I am not sure if the Capitol is in the East or the West of somewhere in the middle. It seems that the districts run from west to east. Meaning, that the capitol is in the East. However, they could also be all in the East and be kind of like how the original thirteen colonies were. Possibly in the same locations. For Catching Fire, they would have to have access to an ocean or body of water some how, unless the ocean is man-made. So, that would mean that the Capitol is near the coast.

  • 5 years ago

    I agree with the person above me.. I would say you would be from District 11. However, people living in District 11 have dark skin. but tans good enough :D In the books it explains how Rue has black hair, and brown eyes. The tan skin could be from district 4 though. In conclusion I would say you are from District 4 ( Tan skin, black hair could be from District 4) or District 11 ( Brown eyes and Black Hair )

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