Who created the Angelman Syndrome Foundation?

Who was the person who created the Angelman Syndrome Foundation and when was it created?

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  • 10 years ago

    The Angelman Syndrome Foundation (ASF) was founded as a research organization in 1989 (initially called the Angelman Research Group) by Dr. Charles Williams, a pediatrician, clinical geneticist and dedicated Angelman Syndrome (AS) researcher. As the AS community came to realize the value of the organization, it soon evolved into a family support and advocacy group.

    Today, ASF is the leading organization providing education and support for individuals, families and physicians dealing with AS and funding research to discover a cure for the disorder and its many symptoms.

    Source(s): http://www.angelman.org/press-room/backgrounder/ Angelman Syndrome Foundation 4255 Westbrook Drive Suite 219 Aurora, IL 60504 800-432-6435 info@angelman.org
  • 3 years ago

    Angelman syndrome, led to with the aid of a genetic illness on chromosome 15, contains developmental postpone, close to absence of speech, and facial abnormalities. the main astonishing function of somebody with Angelman syndrome, although, is the visual attraction of being satisfied most of the time, with widespread smiling and prolonged episodes of laughter. Angelman syndrome would happen in people of all ethnic backgrounds. approximately 70-seventy 5% of persons born with Angelman syndrome have no kinfolk history of the affliction. indications those with Angelman syndrome share undemanding characteristics: Developmental postpone and useful impairment Disparity between information language and talking; speaks few or no words; may be waiting to apply nonverbal gestures short interest span, hyperactivity, fairly excitable, seems satisfied, widespread smiling and/or giggling project with stream or stability, alongside with project strolling and/or tremors of limbs. as properly, those with Angelman syndrome would have: Seizures of any variety not on time, disproportionate growth of head in formative years Hypopigmented pores and skin and eyes huge mouth, substantially-spaced tooth, sticking out tongue, drooling, feeding issues and many times putting issues interior the mouth throughout infancy Sleep disturbance.

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