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do quarterbacks wear different shoulder pads?

if they do, how are they different? is it easier to throw in quarterback shoulder pads than regular shoulder pads?

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    Different positions wear different shoulder pads.

    The line mane wear larger pads than receivers or throwers.

    The quarterback needs more flexibility than most of the players.

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  • Iwona
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    4 years ago

    I wear a shirt yes, keeps me a bit cooler. When playing roller I would typically wear an Under Armour shirt as that would stay drier. For ice it doesn't make a big difference. Hockey socks should go as far down as your ankle, and have space over your knee so you can attach a garter belt to keep them in place without using so much tape. As for skating socks, most of us wear regular socks. Thin socks or no socks will give you a better feel for the ice, but will also cause the skate to break down a bit faster. Something else to remember: Take your skate guards off before going on the ice! lol

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