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Why are REPUBLICAN dominated States the ones flying the CONFEDERATE FLAG...?

...seeing as how Lincoln was a REPUBLICAN?

Lincoln fought the most deadly war in our Country's history to GET RID OF THAT FLAG!

Irony much?


"Hardcore" yes I expected somebody to give me a list of excuses and revisions reasons the North was the blame.

But the "War of Northern Agression" as you call it, was a War prosecuted by REPUBLICANS and a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT.

You do know that right?

You guys need to stop pretending the Republican Party has the slightest thing to do with Lincoln or people being against slavery and racism.

And maybe you need an education, rather than getting all your info from Fox TV and biased right wing books.

Update 2:

Jo - yes the Civil War was about a State's Right.


The sooner you guys come back to reality on this one the better.

I have no doubt there were other petting squabbles going on, and the high tariffs on cotton and other financial restrictions were placed there TO TRY TO GET THEM TO STOP USING SLAVES!!!! At the request of Abolitionists!

Have you guys figured that out yet?

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    You are a hypocrite. When you call me a racists for having a rebel flag tattoo or having it on my wall. I could care less about the color of a person's skin or their religion but you judge me in the same racist terms you pretend to despise.

    The Rebel flag has NOTHING to do with slavery or racism. Yes a few White supremacist groups fly it along with the cross and who knows what else. Does that mean that white sheets are somehow racists? That anybody who dares have a white sheet is a KKK member?

    The Civil war was about economics and states rights not slavery. Few Confederate solders had ever owned a slave and at least %10 of them were abolitionists. There was a strong and growing abolitionist movement in the South by the time the Civil war started. %99 of the slaves in the South were owned by less than %5 of the population. Less than %20 of Southern Whites owned slaves.

    Lincoln was barely keeping the war alive and people in the North thought the war pointless until Lincoln made about slavery, gave the civil war a noble cause, gave meaning to the fields of dead. The real cause of the war had nothing to do with slavery.

    The Rebel flag has long since come to mean rebellion. In the 60s and 70s even many Blacks had Rebel flags on their walls, on their cars and it was adopted by 70s Rock groups, especially Southern Rock groups and means simply rebellion.

    I fly the Rebel flag because I believe in small government. The kind our founders designed and wanted. I also fly it because I have serious issues with authority and it's my way of giving the bird to all authority.

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    Do you know what the civil war was about? Maybe you should have read your history book.

    The Civil War was about states right vs. the federal government.

    So of course, most of us believe in less federal government and more local control.

    Lincoln didn't ban the flag like Germany did with the nazi flag.

    I wonder why! Maybe Lincoln was smarter than you.

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  • 10 years ago

    No not irony. You should have said the Southern States. People who have lived for generations in the south want to keep there heritage alive just like all other ethnic groups. For myself I do not fly any flag but the American Flag.

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  • 10 years ago

    The War Of Northern Aggression (civil war) is history of a group of people that tried to keep the tradition and culture by rebelling against the union who was running people out of Business by extremely high taxing on cotton. The war wasn't originally about slavery.

    I suggest you get a history lesson.

    I proudy own a confederate flag.

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  • 10 years ago

    Like Russian immigrants in Israel flying the Hamas flag

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    In two words: Obstinacy and defiance.

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  • 10 years ago

    I have no idea since the democrats are the ones who believe in enslaving all to high taxes to pay for their ridiculous ponzi schemes....

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