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How do online courses usually work(tests, lectures, discussions, assignments)?

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    A lot of it depends on the program.

    Some programs don't have lectures, you just get written material. Others, will post recorded lectures on-line for you to watch/listen to at your convenience.

    Discussions usually work via a message board system or possibly a set time when you will need to be there and discuss live like in a chatroom type situation.

    Assignments are typically open book and you will have a deadline that you need to submit your assignment by.

    Tests work very differently depending on the program. Some just don't have tests and it's more about assignments, projects, and stuff like that. Other programs will just have open book/note tests, but there is usually a shorter time limit (once you start you have X minutes to finish). Most of the more reputable programs will require you to have someone proctor your exam. Often times, this can be done at your local community college or even high school. They get the tests and then you sit in a controlled environment and take the closed book test under the supervision of the proctor.

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