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What is the difference between USNA and USMMA?

Is there a difference? does it all lead to becoming an officer and is it same as NROTC?

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    Usna and Usmma are both federal Service Academies. Usna is a DOD Service Academy. Usmma is under the DOT. Nrotc is a commissioning program taken along with a students regular classes at a civilian college or university and also at 5 of the 6 Senior Military Colleges and the State Maritime Academies and upon graduation from college an Nrotc Midshipman is commissioned a Navy Ensign or Marine Lieutenant.

    Upon graduation Usna Midshipmen are commissioned as Navy Ensigns or Marine Lieutenants.

    Upon graduation, Usmma Midshipmen can direct commission to any service branch or serve in the USN Merchant Marine Reserve.

    Good description of Nrotc by reading the Faq on the website of the Nation's first Nrotc Battalion:

    Good Luck!

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    USNA = United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

    USMMA = United States Merchant Marine Academy in King's Point, New York

    NROTC = Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps

    The first will have you graduating as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy

    The second will have you graduating as an Ensign in the Merchant Marines

    The third is a program you attend while at a civilian college

    The Merchant Marines are not the Navy and vice-versa. The Navy has ships with guns, the Merchant Marines don't. Do you know what the Merchant Marines are? They are not Marines with green face paint and rifles. They are sailors of commercial vessels; tankers, freighters, tug boats, etc.

    ROTC is good if you failed to get into the academy while in high school and want another shot. Frankly, though, if you are unable to answer these questions on your own you won't do well in the USNA. Not trying to be mean, just spelling it out for you.

  • USNA produces Naval and Marine Officers for the operations of Naval vessels, Aircraft and land facilities or Marine Corps units of all types. USMMA produces persons to be Officers on merchant ships.

    BIG difference!

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    The US Naval Academy is a military academy and requires mandatory military service after graduation from the academy, usually six years service in return for a full college education.

    The US Merchant Marine Academy is not a military academy, as serving as a merchant marine is not military service.

    Neither are the same as ROTC.

    Source(s): Retired Military
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    The service academies (USNA, USAF Academy, USCG Academy or West Point) are more prestigious in terms of getting a commission in the u.S. Military or any other military in the world!

    granted, it's not easy to get accepted! only the cream of the crop are accepted!

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