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Who was the first president of united states of America!?

Ps George washinton was the first president of the united states... So George washinton would be a wrong answer...


Good job for people who said John hanson I'm proud of America!!! Lol that was a trick question for some of you!!!!!

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    The United States of America was actually formed on March 1, 1781 with the adoption of The Articles of Confederation by Maryland whose delegates delayed its ratification over a western border dispute with Virginia and New York. Upon the March 1 ratification the President of the Continental Congress officially became President of the United States in Congress Assembled.

    John Hanson was the first President of the United States to serve the full one-year term (1781–82), under the ratified Articles of Confederation.

    However, the ratification occurred during the term of Samuel Huntington who served as President from September 28, 1779 to July 6, 1781. Consequently, Samuel Huntington was the first President of the United States in Congress Assembled and was followed by Thomas McKean (July 10, 1781 to November 5, 1781), and John Hanson (the first President to serve the full term of one year - November 5, 1781 to November 4, 1782).

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    John Hanson (March a million, 1781-80 two)...then Alias Boudinought (1782-80 3), Thomas Mifflin (1783-80 4), RIchard Henry Lee (1784-80 5), John Hancock (1785-86), Nathan Gorman (1786-87), Arthur St. CLair (1787-88) and Cyrus Griffin (1788-89). They have been all president previously Washington who's recognized as our real first president.

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    you are incorrect

    George Washington is the first president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The nation, as it was established under the articles of confederation, was not a nation, rather, it was a confederation of loosely aligned sovereign states much like the EU is today. In other words, the AOC did not form the United States of America. The term "united states of america" was indeed used in the AOC, however, it was meant in the most basic of senses, that is, the AOC established loosely united SOVEREIGN states in the American other words, each state was still their own country, America as we know it did not exist yet.

    Furthermore, the AOC did not have an executive branch, John Hanson was merely the president of the AOC convention, and later on, President of the United States IN CONGRESS, therefore, he was actually the leader of the Congress that the AOC established, a legislative figurehead if you will. Remember, the AOC did not have an executive branch.

    Sorry, but you're wrong. Nice try in trying to sound smart though.

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    George Washington is the correct answer. The United States he was president of was in North America. He wasn't the president of the United States of Europe, Africa, or Asia.

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    John Hanson He got elected under The Articles of Confederation.

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    John Hanson was the first president under the constitution, before Washington.

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    No it's right George Washington is the first president :) pls answer mine;_ylt=AgVYk...

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    Bill Clinton.

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